Family Togetherness Ch. 06

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I was sitting at the table having breakfast the next morning when Debbie came in. “Morning, how are you feeling?” I asked.

Debbie blushed a little before replying, “A little sore, but not too bad.”

“I’m glad. You’re not sorry about what happened are you?” I asked. Concerned she might, in the light of day, regret what had happened between us. It turned out I didn’t have to worry.

“No, Wayne. I’m glad we did it. I’ve wanted to do it for years, I just hadn’t thought about doing it with you. I hope we can do it again. If its okay with mom.”

“No problem, Deb,” Mom said as she entered the room. “I’m willing to share Wayne. We’re just going to have to be careful no one finds out about what we’re doing.”

“I certainly agree with that Mom,” I said as I went and kissed her. “I love you both, even more now, I don’t want anything coming between us.”

“You’re so right. Now, since Debs now involved I think its fair she has the same rules I do. From now on her pussy belongs to you, Deb, do you agree that your brother can do what he wants with your pussy from now on?” Debbie just nodded, mom continued. “Okay, you can only wear your panties during your period, other than then it must be uncovered and available to Wayne whenever he wants it, just like mine.”

“Mom,” I interrupted, “I think that we’d better make a slight difference with Debbie. While we’re still at school she can wear panties during the week, but she must take them off as soon as she gets home.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea, it would be almost impossible for Deb to conceal the fact she wasn’t wearing panties at school. And we don’t want to attract any attention. Okay, but that’s the only difference, do you agree Debbie?” Again Debbie just nodded, obviously she was still a little overwhelmed with what had and was still happening. But she was obviously willing to accept my control over her most private parts. I just sat back letting mom take control, waiting to see what would come next. “You know Debbie, there’s no school today, its Saturday. Take off your panties, you won’t need them again until Monday.” Debbie was reaching under her skirt to pull her panties down when mom stopped her. “Come on Debbie, hold your skirt up, let your brother see you pulling them off. After all, you’re not hiding anything he hasn’t seen before. You might as well start getting used to Wayne looking at your body, he’s going to see it a lot from now on.”

Debbie stood up, she held her skirt with one hand, exposing her panties, and then, she started to pull them down with the other. It was immediately obvious that she needed both hands free to remove her panties easily. As soon as she noticed this mom reached over and held the skirt. With both hands now free Deb was able to remove her panties. I watched as she slowly uncovered her pussy, the sight of my sister taking off her panties, together with our conversation, had an obvious effect on me. The only problem was I wanted to give Deb a little more time to recover from the pain of losing her virginity. Still, I thought, there is mom, and Debbie could help.

By now Deb was standing there naked from the waist down, mom was still holding her skirt up. She blushed a little when she saw me examining her body. “You look beautiful Debbie.” I said. “Have you ever thought about shaving your pubic hair?”

“No, do you want me too?” Deb asked. “I will if you want.”

“It would be nice, I’ll leave the decision up to you. Before you decide lets see what it would look like. Mom, lift up your dress, show Debbie what she would look like shaved.”

Mom immediately dropped Debbie’s skirt and raised the front of her dress, exposing her lower body to us. “See, Debbie, would you like to look like that?”

“I must admit it looks sexy, with no hair at all.”

“It feels sexy too.” I said. Before she knew what was happening, I’d taken Debbie’s hand and was running it over moms bare mound. “Feel how smooth it is, the only problem is it has to be shaved often, to keep it like this. But that’s fun too.” Then, moving her hand down further I added, “And feel how different her pussy feels to yours.” By now her hand was running over our mothers’ pussy. It was obvious that neither mom nor Deb minded, so I pushed on. “Debbie why don’t you get mom ready for me.”

“What do you mean,” she asked. “I don’t know what you want me to do.”

“Masturbate her, do it like you would do to yourself. Play with her pussy until she’s wet enough for me to enter her.” I took my hand away from hers, leaving it resting on moms pussy, and waited.

It didn’t take long before Debbie was moving her hand in caressing strokes on moms’ pussy. She kept her eyes on our mothers face the whole time, what she saw must of reassured her because she relaxed and concentrated on moms pussy. She ran her fingers up and down our mothers slit, before parting the labia with her other hand, exposing moms vaginal entrance and clit. When Debs finger circled moms’ entrance and dipped slightly inside, I leaned forward, and whispered in her ear. “Isn’t it amazing we both came out of that little hole you have your finger in.” Debbie redoubled her efforts, efforts which from the moisture now coating her fingers were being very successful. When she started to move towards the clit I knew I had to stop her. “That’s enough Deb, she’s ready.” I moved Debbie’s hand out of our mothers’ crotch, mom moaned when I did so; she’d been so ready, so nearly there. But now it was my turn.

I leaned mom over the table, flipping her dress up over her back. Mom spread her legs to improve my access. I dropped my pants and moved into position, ready to take my mother again. “Debbie,” I said, “Open moms pussy for me, and guide me in.” Immediately Debbie dropped to her knees beside us. With one hand she spread moms’ labia the other grasped my cock. Then, carefully, she guided me home. Once I felt the head of my cock penetrate mom I drove in, hard. Mom grunted as she was pushed against the table, but she pushed back, welcoming my cock into her body. Once more mom and I began to make love. Debbie was still on her knees beside us, so I knew she was getting a good view. She was only inches away from our joined organs; Deb was watching her brothers’ cock moving in and out of her mothers’ pussy, watching moms labia move in and out with my cock. I realised after a few minutes that I was going to come soon. I reached down for moms clit, but Debbie stopped me, “I’ll do it, you just concentrate on finishing.” As Debbie reached for moms clit I grasped her hips and intensified my thrusting, driving myself to climax. Debbie was obviously doing a good job as mom started gasping, “Yes! Oh yes!” she was going over the edge. I joined her. I drove as deep as I could into my mother and locked her in place with my hands as I, as we came. I pumped my load into her as she came screaming.

As I lay there, slumped over moms back, my softening cock still buried inside her, I felt my cum and moms juice beginning to run down our thighs. Then, suddenly, I felt Debbie’s tongue; she was licking up the results of our mating. I could feel her collecting all the juice from my thighs, then, after a slight hesitation, she began cleaning my balls. It was a real turn on. Here I was, my cock buried in my mothers’ pussy, and my sister was licking my balls. I reached down and pulled her head away. “What are you doing, I was having fun.” She complained. I just told her she’d been doing a good job, but moms’ pussy needed a little cleaning too. I guided her head back between our legs. She didn’t hesitate; her tongue resumed its attack on my balls. But this time Deb started lapping towards mom, then she was no longer lapping at me, she was licking moms’ pussy! I wanted to see this! I slowly pulled out of mom, when I was clear Debbie had full access to our mother, she took advantage of it. It was an incredible sight, my sister eating her own mothers’ pussy. I moved over and kissed mum, asking her if Deb was doing a good job. “God, yes! She’s even better at it than you are.” I didn’t mind that, after all she had a pussy of her own; she had more experience pleasuring one than I did, even if it was her own. By now mom was starting to moan, “Yes, yes, yes. That’s it Debbie, that’s it. I’m almost there, now, now, do it now!” I looked down and saw Deb move her attack to moms’ clitoris. Her tongue flicking rapidly at the swollen knob, finally she took it between her lips and sucked, hard. Mom came just as hard. As mom was coming down from her climax Debbie gave her pussy a few more licks, more I think to collect some more juice, and ease her pussy down from its high, and stood up, licking her lips, her face was covered with mom and mine combined juices, she’d never looked prettier, or sexier. “I want you, now!” she said taking my cock in her hand.

I reached down and removed her hand. “I want you, too. But it’s too soon. You’re still too tender, I don’t want to hurt you again. Wait until tomorrow, take a couple of hot baths, they should help.”

“But Wayne, I need it now, I’m so hot.” She whined.

“I didn’t say I won’t help relieve you, I just won’t penetrate you, yet. Here sit on the table.”

Debbie sat down immediately. She automatically pulled up her skirt and spread her legs, exposing herself to us without a blush. As I looked between her legs I could tell she was more than ready. Her labia were engorged with blood, spreading apart revealing her vaginal entrance. She was reacting as nature intended, she was a female ready to mate. I looked over at mom and saw that she was staring also. It was obvious what she wanted to do. And I wanted it too. “Go on, mom, she’s waiting for you. Help your little girl. Debbie needs to come.”

Hearing my words, Deb, looked at mom, “Please mom, I want you too. I need you too!”

That was all mom needed, she moved forward, sinking to her knees, inches from her daughters pussy. Debbie lifted her legs, put them over moms’ shoulders, and pulled moms face into her crotch. Mom instantly extended her tongue and began eating her daughters’ pussy. She dove in with a vengeance, her tongue gathering up Debs abundant juices, she was so wet mom actually had to swallow before she could continue. I watched for a while entranced with the sight of a mother and daughter making love. And that’s what was happening, as with me, mom was expressing her love to her child, both as a mother, and a lover.

I was rock hard again, I couldn’t enter mom in her position so I decided to introduce Debbie to the other type of oral sex, between a man and a woman. I moved up alongside her head, and began rubbing my cock over her face. Debbie immediately got the idea; she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth. She closed her lips over the shaft and started to suck. I told her to use her tongue, and she started sweeping it around the head of my cock. After a while she tried to move her head back and forward on my cock, unfortunately because of the position she was in, there was very little movement she could make. Realising she wanted me to come, I started to move my cock in and out of her mouth. Fucking her mouth as I had her pussy the night before. When I finally told her I was about to come, I asked her if she wanted me to pull out. Debbie reached up when I was on an outstroke and grabbed my butt, holding me still. She immediately attacked the head of my cock with quick, sharp, strokes, obviously wanting me to come in her mouth. It worked. Spurt after spurt of my cum shot out of my cock into her waiting mouth. Deb swallowed again, and again, as my load filled her mouth. Then she stiffened as her own climax swept through her body. Debbie relaxed her grip and my cock flopped out of her mouth. She laid there, a smile of satisfaction on her face.

Mom stood, her face glazed with her daughters juices. “That was delicious, if I’d known eating a woman would be so nice I’d have tried it before.” Then she kissed me. “Thanks for letting this happen. I don’t suppose you have anything left for me?” Mom asked, as she caressed my cock and balls.

“I’m afraid not, at least for a while. Debbie got everything I had.”

“Oh well, I guess I can wait awhile. I mean there’s no rush.”

Debbie quickly sat up, she pulled mom to her, opening her mouth she showed us a small white pool resting on her tongue, she hadn’t swallowed her last mouthful of cum. Mom smiled, “You are such a considerate daughter, saving mother a nice snack. It looks delicious.” Moms’ mouth closed over Debbies in a very French kiss. Her tongue plundering Debs mouth. When they finally pulled apart, before Deb closed her mouth, I could see there was no longer any trace of my sperm, mom had gotten it all.

“Well, Wayne. That was a nice way to spend a morning. What do you have planned for your sister and me for the rest of the day?”

“Actually, nothing. Before we do anything else I want Debbie to heal a bit so there will be no pain. But tomorrow, ah tomorrow I have some plans for then.”

To be continued…

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