A Whole Lotta Woman Ch. 03

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Alina Lopez

The cooling spray showered over our bodies as we embraced, gasping in shocked relief to feel it cleansing the sweat & sex off us in swirling streams that pooled around our feet before gurgling merrily on its way. Pouring a generous handful of gel into my palm I commenced to spread it liberally over her breasts, teasing her ripe nipples with forefinger & thumb as she took the bottle to do the same, working the soapy liquid into my hirsute loins then along the soft flesh under my balls & back along my cock which began to stir in response to her nimble fingers.

“Randy little so & so isn’t he?” she chuckled, wanking the foreskin back & forth as I pulled her nipples playfully.

“Hey! Less of the ‘little’; I heard no complaints just now” I laughed, happy to see her pretty face shining with joy as I continued soaping her body.

“I wouldn’t call seven inches ‘little’ & it can cumm see me anytime” she said, kissing the tip of my nose, then turning into the rushing water to let it wash the soap off her tits while I continued washing her back, pressing my crotch into the damp cleft of her ample arse .

“How’d you guess it’s that big” I asked, thoughtfully pouring more gel in my palm before lovingly caressing it into her beautiful red hair. She pushed back “I just measured it didn’t I?”

Lifting her head back & wagging her tongue at me mischievously to make me smile as I understood her innuendo. “Am I wrong?” she teased.

“No you’re not wrong” I assured her calmly, holding her flaming red tresses tightly as I bent to return the kiss on her upturned nose before straining a handful of soap through my fingers to let it drip along her spine in a scented stream that slithered enticingly between her soft, damp crease. The cool flow of water did nothing to lower the growing heat in my simmering balls that pressed into the matted folds of her sopping wet pussy as my dick nuzzled onto her slippery arsehole. Taking her hair up in a wet bundle on top of her head to let the shower spray the rest of the soap out, I began peppering the nape of her neck with quick kisses as she moaned delightedly. “Don’t do that you horny bugger, you’ll get me going again.”

“That’s – the – idea” I muttered against her ear kissing the lobe & sucking it tenderly, before continuing to punctuate each word with soft kisses that rained gentle heat on her neck in counterpoint to the cool drops of water cascading over her voluptuous curves. “You – needed – a – whole – lotta – lovin’ – and – that’s – what – I’m – goin’ – to – give – you – sweetheart.”

Breathing deeply with growing passion she curled her arms around my neck to hold my lips against her skin as my hands cupped her breasts then moved down the swell of her stomach painfully she pulled my sodden hair & I responded by biting hard on her neck, then pulling her clit which made her body jerk as though electrified.

Whimpering, “no, no, nooo” she moved her head one way & pulled mine the other to break free, pushing past me as her fingers ruefully rubbed the bruise on her neck that glistened with the imprint of my teeth.

Steadying myself with an outstretched hand on the tiles & gripping the shower with the other I kept my balance as she examined the damage in the wall mirror opposite the bathtub.

“What the fucks he gonna say?” she demanded, “I can see the fuckin’ bruise from here!”

“So, you got a little love bite” I replied laconically, pulling the shower head free & splashing her playfully. “Do you really care after what he did?” I said, leaning closer to play the water spray over her luscious arse, then down between the jutting cheeks to bring a shriek of surprise from her lips!

“Hey, pack it in you bugger!” she said sternly, then dissolved into whoops of delight as the spray washed over her pussy lips. “Whoo hooo, that tickles” she shrieked, laughing helplessly as I bathed her hairy crack before she could grab it from me to return beşiktaş escort bayan the favour by hosing under my balls which shrank from her watery assault to send her off into peels of uncontrollable mirth.

“They – can’t hide – from me.” she gasped between bursts of laughter which subsided into chuckles until she wiped the grin off my face by turning me round to direct the jet onto my arse. “Fair’s fair” she said in a sing-song voice, “what’s good for the goose is good for me to gander at!” she cackled amiably, goosing me with the showerhead that cooled my flesh but inflamed my ardour further as it stimulated the most sensitive spots. I reached out to switch off the water & she jeered derisively, “Had enough have we?”

“Nowhere near enough love” I retorted, turning round with a big smile “you’ve got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of Tracy. It’s your husband who should be, for shaming you by taking someone who’s only half the woman you are.”

“Yeah, but can you blame him for wanting a slim sex-bomb in his bed?” she grinned with a quirk of her lips that pouted into a frown as she jiggled slightly, making her belly roll in a way that made my cock throb with desire for this beautiful big woman. Moving to press against her back & caress her breasts lovingly I replied, “Yes I can blame him – in fact I’d tell him to seek professional help as he’s clearly suffering from some delusion!”

“You’re only saying that because…” she began, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

“…because it’s true” I assured her, gently stroking the sensitive skin under her breasts with knowing fingers as my palms held them, bending slightly & using my knees to push her thighs apart as I slid my erection along the soft lips of her pussy, parting them to feel the heat of her sex becoming slick with desire while I rocked her soothingly from side to side.

“This isn’t a sympathy fuck Tracy” I said, looking into the reflected glory of those shining green eyes as I felt her responding. “I want you because of who you are, not because of what you think you are” I continued, running my hands over her belly as my cock slid slowly between the lips of her pussy, “If you think I’m just going to take advantage of your vulnerability tonight, then I’ll stop right now & go sleep in the spare room…”

“No, don’t stop now” she groaned, pushing my hands between her damp bush until our fingers clasped together & began to stir on her clit while I continued teasing her with my cock, “I want this as much as you do.”

“I’m fuckin’ achin’ for you baby” I groaned, burying my face in the crook of her neck to press my lips urgently on her flesh as I trapped her clit with my thumb & forefinger, then moved my other hand to hold her hip while she used one hand to rub along her slit as the other gripped the head of my cock to pump it lecherously.

“You wanna fuck this fat pussy that much hmm?” she teased, squeezing me hard as I slid a finger into her hot, juicy hole “I wanna push my prick balls deep inside that fine, wet pussy until I feel you cumm for me love.”

Running my tongue inside her ear brought a gasp of pleasure as I slipped my moist finger onto her lips & she sucked those juices off with a groan while my hand slid over her luscious arse, caressing it as I dipped the tip inside her clenching cunt.

“Give it to me” she crooned, letting my finger slip from her lips with a moist ‘pop’ while my hand pressed on the small of her back.

“Lean back a little babe” I demanded, getting her at just the right angle to stir the throbbing head around her pussy hole as I gripped a handful of bouncing breast. “Yeah right there” I gasped, feeling it sink in to snugly trap the head inside her hot, tight hole; pausing to savour the delicious friction as I looked up, seeing her use one hand to steady herself on the wall while the other strummed busily over her clit.

“Fuck me” she breathed, looking me in beşiktaş escort the eye. “Shove it up there & fuck me now. Hard & fast you sexy bastard”

With a lunge of my hips I did exactly that to take her breath away with the power of my cock plunging straight up until we collided with an urgent smack of flesh that sent an echo around the tiled room.

She gave a grunt of satisfaction saying, “Oh fuck yeah”, as I held her there & ground my hips to fill her with hot meat while she rubbed my balls on her clit.

“Fuck yessss” I agreed, squeezing a hot handful of tit while sliding my hand over her arse as I pulled back to the edge of her cunt before slamming back up with a thrust that pushed her into the wall. Taking her hand away to use both for support as I began to stroke my cock in a relentless rhythm of hard fucking which made her gasp for more. Gritting my teeth & groaning as each deep thrust sent my balls bouncing off her clit, making her body shake as she begged harder for it until I slowed to grind it deep inside her again. Catching my breath, I swapped hands & crushed her left breast as I leant back to admire the view, pulling right back until her inner lips stretched out along the slippery shaft with her rosy hole demanding my attention. Sucking my thumb until it dripped, I moved it over her ring as I fucked her with short strokes to pull her lips out as she bucked back to get more of it inside her.

“Don’t tease me baby” she pleaded, “stick it in hard noooooow” she shrieked as my thumb wriggled onto her soft ring which clenched even tighter on my probing digit than her cunt that was sucking wetly around my cock as I slid into her with increasing ardour.” Don’t do that” she panted, as my thumb dug inside the buttery softness of her arsehole.

“You’re arse is virgin hmm?” I asked, slipping it in up to the first knuckle as I pumped half my shaft inside her pussy which trickled with fresh juice at each thrust. “God that looks so good.” I groaned, watching my cock slide up her cunt while my thumb stroked it through the thin membrane as I pushed it right up to the hilt making her body shudder.

“Fuck me deep you kinky sod” she gasped, feeling my thumb moving out each time I pushed up her pussy; “Just fuck my pussy hard” she said, groaning as my thumb dipped in & out of her puckering arse. “Use that on my clit & make me cumm” she begged, as I took it from her ring & moved both hands between her thighs while pushing up hard to press her hot body against the cool tiles.

“You like watching me fucking you babe” I hissed against her ear as I pumped hard & fast.

“Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

“Cummmm all over me sweetheart” I entreated, slithering my tongue in bucking back as I plunged forward while my fingers splayed her cunt open wide with my thumbs rolling over her clit as I rode her even harder. The slap-slapping of our bodies became punctuated with gasps of pleasure “keep going – don’t stop – like that, yess, right there” “cumm for me baby” as I reamed my aching tool into her streaming depths. Sensing she was close I sucked on the side of her neck & rammed my cock relentlessly as a guttural cry of ecstasy ripped from her throat: her body shook from head to toe as I bit into her flesh & kept pumping into the molten waves of love juice until her cries of “yes, yess, yessss” subsided to groans of contentment then whimpers of pleasure as I slowed down to suit her mood.

“You look so beautiful when you cumm baby” I groaned, flexing my stiff cock into the tight muscles of her pussy which responded by squeezing me back.

“That feels so fuckin’ good” she whispered, pushing back to wrap her arms around my neck as I held her closely. “Let me taste you.”

Pulling out with a saucy slurp of love juices which slipped down her thighs I stepped back to allow her room to squat & take me in her mouth which savoured the musky flavour of her cumm, moaning with pleasure while licking over every inch, then onto my balls which bubbled with passion to feel her tonguing all over them. Using a hand to hold my cock out the way as she ran the other over my hairy chest, tweaking the nipples while suckling on each sac full of spunk until she pulled my rod into her hungry mouth & fed it into the back of her throat rending me incoherent with heightened lust as I watched her reflection gobble me up.

She turned her head & watched herself sucking me deep, then grinned around the shaft as she looked up at me to give a sultry wink before slapping the head on her tongue while her hand squeezed my arse.

“You’ve gotta lovely big dick” she murmured, kissing the tip. “Hot, juicy bollox” she affirmed, rolling them around with her tongue which then skittered under to lick across the soft skin to make me draw in a deep breath as I felt her warm breath tickling over my ring, “and a taut, sexy arse” she breathed, raking it with her nails to make me groan loudly. “Show it off for me” she ordered, giving my twitching cock an encouraging stroke that ended in a soft slap that set it bobbing in eager assent before her excited gaze. I turned to place my hands on the tiles as she had moments before “show me the booty, baby!” while looking under my swaying balls to see how hard my cock swung from side to side as she kept slapping. Only stopping after several minutes to squeeze my flesh & say, “I wish my arse was as trim as this – but not as hairy!” laughing while she smothered the burning cheeks with kisses, then sweeping licks of her lascivious tongue that made me gasp harder for breath as she gripped my cock to gently pull on as her tongue burrowed into the crack to swipe a wet trail down to my balls which got sucked hard into her wet mouth before she slid back along my crease. Using both hands to prise apart my cheeks, she lewdly smacked her moist lips onto my ring as I raised my head to gasp for air when she almost took my breath away by wriggling her tongue into the tight muscle.

“I knew you’d like that you kinky fucker” she said, giving each cheek a resounding smack before returning to tongue fuck my arse with muffled slurps of lewd intent as I wriggled into her face, grunting joyfully as each stab of her tongue & smack of her hand pushed me against the cool tiles to make my cock throb harder until drops of pre-cumm smeared the glass.

“Ohhh my god, Tracy” I cried after taking as much of her blissful tongue as I could.

“Gimme, gimme some cummm” she demanded, waving her tongue lithely as I quickly turned to splash her face with a thick rope of pre-cumm that she quickly sucked up before planting her lips avidly over the seeping slit. Pumping the shaft with one hand as I tilted her head back with the other, my lungs burst with a joyful shout of release when the head struck her tongue. Holding it firmly at the root to squeeze hard as a surge of spunk flooded from the tip to burst over her as I ordered her to; “take it, but don’t swallow yet you beautiful bitch!”

Gasping as I felt the pressure relent under my clenching fist, she groaned compliantly & swirled the sticky seed around her mouth while I regained a measure of control then knelt to kiss her soft, sticky lips as we slid the juice back & forth between us until gulping it down with a satisfied sigh.

“That was unbeleivable” I murmured, “How’d you like a long, sensual massage in return?”

“Sounds like just what I need” she replied, wiping an errant strand of spunk from her cheek as I stood, offering her a helping hand up & gesturing to the door with an open hand.

“After you” I gallantly offered with a wide smile.

“Ladies first hmm?” she said, cocking an eyebrow in mild surprise at my gentlemanly conduct after the kinky exposure I’d submitted to just minutes ago.

“Of course” I replied disingenuously, “I always let a lady go in front – as it gives me the perfect opportunity to ogle their arse!”

“Swine” she said over her shoulder, but giving her bouncing cheeks an extra wiggle as she walked two steps ahead of my admiring gaze into the bedroom.


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