A Visit To Chicago

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As I moved through the airport my nerves were on edge. What were the chances that he would be here at the same time as me? Being the coward that I am, I had left a hasty e-mail as I bolted from the house informing Greg, my friend, confidant and cyber lover that I would be in town. The flight had only taken an hour so the chances of his actually getting my message before I got here was next to nil.

I looked around for the ride that my company had said would be waiting and upon my arrival at the luggage area I found a very familiar looking man holding a sign with my company emblem on it.

“Are you waiting for me?” I asked what I assumed was my driver.

“I have been waiting for you for months sexy.” He said in a deep voice that I clearly recognized.

“Greg?” I said with a shaky voice.

Leaning down slightly he looked into my startled eyes and said, “Your flight was early Cynthia.”

I gasped as he took me in his arms and pulled me to his body tightly. “Oh my god…I can’t believe your here.” I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

Hugging each other tightly with our chests pressed against each other we both sighed deeply. I could not believe that I was with him, that he was holding me and that I could touch him, smell him and look into his eyes it was all so overwhelming.

Still holding me tightly to his body he said, “I just got your message 20 minutes ago and when I called on your flight from my car they said it was early. I drove here going 90 and hoping that I wouldn’t get stopped along the way. Then when I got here I had to practically beg the guy from your company to let me pick you up. He made me show him my ID and explain what my intentions were. You companies people are tough.” He said with a smile releasing me.

I looked up at him and grinned, “Yes we are. Where is he now?”

Greg hugged me tight to him and whispered in my ear, “Watching us from the lost baggage area. Look over my shoulder.”

Peeking over his broad shoulder I see a very determined looking man sporting the usual company attire of suit and tie. I had to snicker at his look of concern. “Ok, let me go talk to him,” I said, “I will be right back ok.”

“Hurry.” He said.

I walked quickly over to my fellow worker and introduced myself to him. After some quick reassurances he handed me my itinerary for the next week, which consisted of interviews, tours and some general product knowledge classes. They had allowed some free time as well as a room at the local Embassy Suites. I accepted his offer of a room and asked for some simple directions to the store and hotel. He once again asked if I would be ok and I assured him I would and gave him my cell phone number to allow them to contact me with any changes. He said I was free for the rest of the day but, looking at Greg again told me to note that I had an 8am interview followed by a tour of one of the new business parks. As he left me I moved back toward Greg feeling my heart rate flutter and increase.

“So,” he said, “What’s going on?”

We kept touching each other as I tried to find my voice and explain about my interviews and what they would involve. As I explained I shivered as his hand moved over my hair and along my jaw line.

“Ok,” he said, “here is the plan. I took the rest of the day off and we are going to get your luggage, find your company location for tomorrow, get you checked in to your room and then go have a fabulous dinner.

How does that sound?”

Looking up into his sweet smiling face and grinned, “Sounds like heaven.”

“Good.” He said, “Now which bag is yours?”

Greg carried my bag as we walked toward his car in the large parking structure. After placing my bags in the back he looked around and seeing no one around pulled me against him hard and then pressed me between him and the car. I could feel every inch of his body though our clothes and soon felt the familiar wetness between my legs, soaking my black satin undies.

“Uh, ” I gasped in surprise, as he pressed us together hard. “Greg…. Oh my.” I could smell his scent mixed with his cologne and felt dizzy from my excitement.

“I just can’t believe you are here finally.” He said with a lusty smile. I could feel his breath on my lips and thought I was going to die if he didn’t kiss me. As usual he was sexually tuned in on me and suddenly slammed his soft lips down on my trembling mouth.

I sucked on his bottom lip a little as he then moved his tongue into my mouth.

“MMMMMMM…” I moaned pulling away. “What did you have for lunch sweetie?”

Greg looked down as me in confusion as I grinned up at his soft gaping mouth. “I’m just fucking with you baby.” And with that we both burst out laughing as the sexual tension was broken and we began to make out like two horny teenagers.

Suddenly we heard a cough from behind Greg and jumped apart as a man attempted to get into the car next to us.

“Sorry” we both said in unison.

Giving me a tuzla eve gelen escort quick grin and a smack on the lips, Greg said, “We had better get out of here before someone calls the cops on us.” and with that he opened my door; I unlocked his as we made our get away.

During the trip to find my company and then the hotel Greg and I chatted the exact same way we always had during all of our talks on the Internet and the phone. We both could not seem to tell the other enough.

Checking in to the hotel, I had Greg come up to my room as I changed for dinner and took a quick freshen-up shower. Looking a bit nervous I assured him that I had no intention of taking advantage of him now when I knew that I had the whole night to ravage him later. Turning red at my own statement, I giggled as he ran his hands over my soft face and kissed me again.

Greg sat on the sofa as I moved about in the other room nervously arranging my things. The door to the sitting room was closed allowing me privacy to change and shower. I quickly stripped and jumped under the shower washing my heavy hair with Biolage and scrubbing my skin with Neutrogena body cleanser. The room smelled wonderful as I stepped out of the shower and wrapping a towel around myself smoothing my favorite skin oil on called Silk.

As I looked around the steamy room, I noticed that the door to the bathroom was slightly open as well as the door to the sitting room. I didn’t remember leaving them open and I frankly didn’t care it they were because glancing into the vanity mirror I could see Greg clearly as he sat on the couch. I knew that he could see me as well and I was enjoying the thrill of having him look at me. Smiling to myself I slowly ran my hands over my damp shoulders, smoothing the oil over my skin. Suddenly I dropped the towel and stretched my arms above my head causing my full D-cup breasts to pull up and out. Pouring more oil into my palms I rubbed the oil over my nipples and pushed my boobs around like I was kneading bread dough. Glancing in the mirror again I could see a hard outline in Greg’s pants at my little show.

“Mmmm…” I groaned loudly.

Greg jumped at the sudden noise, and took a deep breath as he tried to calm down. Wrapping the towel back around me I called out. “5 more minutes Greg I promise.” Not surprisingly he called back, “Take your time sweetie.”

I giggled to myself at the images of sports, sandwiches and other things that he must be thinking of to calm his body down. As I continued to dry myself off I noticed how wet I had become just from looking at him watch me, and the idea of the hard prize that he had in his shorts.

I dressed quickly, ran some styling gel into my curls, and brushed on some light make-up and lipstick. Now that I was ready to go I sprayed on some of my perfume and walked into the sitting room.

Greg must have been successful in turning down his urges because when he hopped up off the couch there was no sign of the creature from earlier. I sighed in disappointment as I dreamed of how much fun I could have had with him in the car. Oh, well.

The restaurant was an exercise in torture. We sat at the table next to each other and as we went through the paces of eating and drinking we were secretly rubbing our legs together. All I could think of was that I wanted to press my body against him naked and to have him touch me and lick me everywhere. The room seemed very warm and as the meal came to an end I excused myself to go pull it together in the ladies room. I stepped into the private bathroom and let out a frustrated sigh. My panties and thighs were misty with my girlie juice and I could smell my own musky scent. After I relieved myself I ran a finger over my swollen pussy lips. I used at least a half a roll of tissue in an attempt to dry myself finally giving up.

I straighten my clothes and as I stepped out into the hall I felt a warm hand grab me from behind and shove me back into the small room. Greg came in right after me, filling the room with his size. I could feel the energy coming from him as he walked up to me and picked me up. Immediately I wrapped my legs around him as we smashed our hot lips together.

Quickly we were both panting and clawing at each other’s clothes. “Greg, please.” I said as he set me back on my feet.

Looking into my face Greg knew exactly what it was I wanted from him. Kissing me softly on the lips he said, “Are you sure?”

“God, yes.” I said dropping to my knees and fumbling with his belt.

After some struggling I opened the fly of his pants to find the boxers that he had mentioned several times in our Internet conversations, Black silk boxers. I moaned and pulled his pants down to his knees and ran my hand over his silk covered package. I could feel him getting harder as I stroked the head of his penis through the material. Reaching up to his waistband I pulled his shorts down to his knees and his pretty dick jumped out and slapped tuzla yeni escort me in the face and then pointed straight out, begging me to at least lick it.

I ran my hands up his naked thighs and over his hips to feel his skin for the first time. He felt so amazing, and I looked up into his lusty eyes as he looked down at me staring at his big cock and balls as the waited patiently for some attention. Taking his dick in my palm I ran my hand over it and rubbed the precum over the smooth skin of his head. I could feel his hands running through my dark hair as he spread his legs for me. Looking back to his eyes I took his tool into my mouth and sucked the head rolling my tongue over it. His flavor was even better than I could have imagined. I kept sucking him completely absorbed in my task as he gasped above me.

Suddenly I could hear a banging sound and thinking nothing of it I kept sucking him harder and harder. I could feel that he was close when I felt his fingers on my face. I looked up and heard him say, “Sweetie, as much as I am enjoying this we are going to have to stop.”

I pulled my mouth off of him with a pop and said pouting, “Why?” and then continued to suck him.

Greg grunted and replied, “Because it sounds like the whole restaurant is trying to get in to use the bathroom and once again we might have the cops called on us.”

This of course made me stop sucking. I quickly stood up and looking at his face as he pulled his clothes back on I said, “Oh Greg…I’m sorry…. I just lost myself. Are you going to be ok to go out there now?”

Smiling at my concern he place his hands on both side of my face and kissed me very softly. “You just walk in front and no one will know”.

Very casually we exited the restroom to a few giggles and frowns. Greg had paid the bill right before our little encounter so we were not delayed in our hasty exit out of the restaurant. Jumping in his Explorer we were off to my hotel by mutual consent.

The entire drive to the hotel I kept my hands on him as he drove at top speed through the streets. I leaned over the consol dividing us and ran my hand up his inner thigh. I could hear his breathing change as my hand continued up toward his bulging package.

“Cynthia, if you keep that up I am going to wreck the car and then we definitely won’t get there.” Greg said.

“Greg” is said purring in his ear, “I know you won’t let that happen no matter what I do.” And to prove my statement I moved my middle finger down between his legs and cupping his balls in my palm, wiggled my finger along the underside of his balls.

Greg grunted and continued to drive, never varying his driving pattern. His attempt at control made me giggle. “I know that you like this sweetie.” I breathed in his ear. I could feel the big vehicle picking up speed as he raced for the hotel.

“Please Cynthia…stop it.” Greg said. His teeth were clinched as if he was in pain.

I pulled my hand out from between his warm thighs and ran it over his abdomen. “Okay baby, I’ll be a good girl for you.” I said with a sigh.

Pulling up in front of the hotel Greg parked and we practically sprinted for the entrance. Holding hands and trying to maintain out breathing, we waited at the elevator. Wanting to be closer, Greg wrapped his right arm around my shoulders as I put my left arm under his jacket. I let out a deep breath as I felt his warmth coming from the surface of his shirt. ‘DING’ Greg and I stepped onto the empty elevator and as soon as the door closed he pushed ‘8’ and then we threw ourselves at each other.

I could not get enough of him. The taste, smell and the feel of his body was making me feel drunk. As we stood in the elevator with the faint sound of ‘ding’ from the floor notification I could hear us sucking hard on each other.

Suddenly the metal box came to an abrupt halt and the doors opened to my floor. We were so busy making out that it wasn’t until we hear a subtle “Uh… hmm…Excuse me?” Greg and I jumped apart and still panting looked at the strange man standing outside the elevator. Blushing furiously I apologized and heard Greg’s apology as we moved off the elevator and walked quickly down the hall. I could feel Greg grinning behind me and said, “Stop that, I know you thought that was funny you little poop.” Just thinking about it made me blush again.

We approached the room door and I searched my bag for the key to the lock. As I pulled the card from the hidden pocket I had stored it in, I could feel Greg’s big hands on my hips. I put my hands on the door and pushed back against him, moving my feet apart and arching my ass and back into his warm body. I was so turned on at the prospect of us getting caught again as well as the feel of his touch that I couldn’t contain myself, “MMMMMMmmmmmm” snuck out between my gaping lips.

As he continued to run his hands over my hips, tummy and ass, I struggled to get the key in the electronic lock. Seeing tuzla genç escort the light turn from red to green I grabbed the handle and we basically fell into the room.

Greg caught me just before I hit the floor and kicking the door shut, he pressed me against the wall by the door and continued the assault he was making on my senses. At this point I was basically in the police version of ‘Assume the position’. When Greg moved his mouth to my ear.

“Ok, baby. It’s daddy’s turn now.” I could feel his breath on my cheek as well as the hand that was slowly traveling up under my skirt to my inner thigh. Greg gasped at what he found there. My long black skirt, which looked fairly conservative, was concealing his surprise. Facing the wall I grinned to myself.

“You like, Daddy?” I said in my softest most seductive tone of voice. As Greg ran his hands up high on my inner thigh he found that my hose ended in soft skin just shy of my groin. Hands on the wall I invited him to take a look by sticking my ass out further and wiggling it at him. Greg flipped my skirt up and stared at the sight I made. My ass was totally exposed to him now. I had chosen to wear a pair of my satin panties tonight. The black satin was very shiny and combined with my very fair skin they looked incredibly striking. I loved the feeling of him looking at my satin covered ass with a strip of white flesh and then the tops of my nylons. Black and white strips wiggled at him as he reached a hand down as played with the smooth skin of my inner thigh.

“Oh baby, thank you. Did you do this for me?” he asked as he continued to stroke me.

“Uh huh.” I said trying to concentrate on his hand movement.

“You look so hot and sexy like this, but I really want to see you naked.” He breathed in my ear.

Suddenly I flipped around and facing him, fell into his arms. With out wasting time I started to remove my jacket shirt and skirt as we made out. Stepping back away from him I said, “Quid pro quo sweetie? I am half way there so you had better catch up.”

Greg grinned at me and said, “Why don’t you take them off?”

Laughing I approached him and started to pull off his garments. The jacket came off first and then looking up at him and giving him a wicked grin I grabbed the front of his shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere as I worked the tie off from around his neck.

“Shit, Cynthia…I liked that shirt.”

Looking at him I smiled and gave each of his nipples a nice pinch as he looked into my eyes.

“Forget that,” he said, “do what ever you want to my clothes. I don’t care.”

Moving to my tippy toes I ran my tongue over his bottom lip gave it a light nip. Suddenly Greg plastered his lips onto mine as I pushed his shirt over his shoulders and threw his tie over my head. Picking me up we moved over to the side of the bed and he set me back on my feet. I turned him around and pushed him back until he was sitting on the end of the bed. “Ok, buddy. Get those pants off right now.” I said.

Kneeling at his feet I began to pull his shoes and socks off as Greg worked on ripping off his belt and pulling down his fly. With his shoes and socks off, and his now bare feet on the floor, I moved between his knees and grabbed the waistband of his slacks and started to pull. Greg leaned back on his elbows and lifted his pelvis as I slowly worked his pants over his hips, down his legs and tugging them off I tossed them over my shoulder onto a side chair.

I ran my hands up and down his thighs and slid my hand up under the leg of his boxers and cupped his healthy package in my soft palm. I could see his eyes glaze over with lust and his mouth start to gap open as I stroked his pelvis and scratched my nails over his skin. I could feel his thigh muscles clinch as he leaned forward and pulled me onto the bed with him.

As I wiggled on top of him Greg was working on my bra clasp. I felt it give way and pulled my mouth off of his and sat up on his hips. Grinning down at him I bounced a little and ground my moist pussy against his quickly hardening dick. As I bounced my lovely breasts bobbed up and down the bra falling away and of course being tossed to the floor.

Suddenly I decided that I had had enough and apparently so had Greg. Grabbing me around the waist I suddenly found myself flat on my back legs in the air and high heel touching his ass. Kneeling up Greg removed my thigh high nylons and slid them off of my legs taking the shoes with them. With my shoulders pressed against the bed I lifted my hips up and kissing my tummy he slid my panties down off of my hips over my thighs and off of my bare feet. Now I was totally naked, flat on my back with my smooth legs straight up in the air as Greg ran his hands over the back of my thighs and ass. Pulling my legs away from him I split them and as my feet lay flat on the bed, I sat up and pressed my naked body against his. Running my hands down his back I realized that he still had on his silky boxers and I ran my fingers under the waistband stroking his ass muscles and running a finger down his crack.

I slowly lower his underwear when he suddenly grabs my hands and the waistband and says, “What are you looking for in there honey…hmm? I want to hear you ask for it. Come on Cynthia…ask me for what you want.”

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