The Perfect Fit

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Fingers intertwined, Samantha and Bryan strolled lazily down the sidewalk, the ocean breeze dancing by them like a gentle caress. Spying a small alcove Bryan tugged her into the shadows for hot wet kiss. His hands curved around her bottom and he pulled her against his throbbing cock. Her tongue lashed eagerly against his, her nipples hard against his chest. Only the shrill barking of a poodle rudely jolted them back to the here and now and saved them a fine for indecent exposure and promiscuity.

Bryan buried his face in her auburn hair and breathed deeply. Willing his pulse back to normal wasn’t easy because the peach-scented shampoo she used drove him wild. “Why do you do this to me?” He asked, setting her away from him and running an unsteady hand through his hair.

“Me?” She protested, straightening her clothes in short, irritated motions. “I wanted to stay in the hotel room and screw ourselves into a joint-coma. You were the one who said we needed to get out and at least SEE the island.”

Laughingly Bryan slid his arm around her waist and guided her back on to the sidewalk. “And what will you tell them when they ask at the office on Tuesday morning what you did in Catalina this weekend?”

“I’ll tell them I fucked you all the way to Flacidville.” Samantha whispered in a bedroom voice that sent all of the blood in his body surging back into his groin.

He was starting to wonder if maybe Samantha’s plan had been the more rational one after all. “Come on. Let’s go find some souvenirs and get back to the hotel as soon as possible.”

Samantha let out a throaty chuckle before sauntering off ahead of him, putting an extra wiggle into her ass as she sashayed down the street in front of him. Damn but she had the sweetest ass he’d ever had the good fortune of knowing. When she shook that little heart-shaped fanny of hers it was all he could do to remember to breath. What in the hell had he been thinking by letting her out of the hotel room, anyway?

“Oooooh, would you look at that?” Samantha said, pointing at a shimmering sapphire blue evening dress displayed in a boutique window.

Bryan studied the dress intently for a long moment, trying to picture it against her skin, her flame red tresses cascading down over it. The image in his mind was enough to stir him into action. “Why don’t you go try it on?” He suggested.

“You sure?” She looked over at him uncertainly. “I know clothes shopping to you is about as thrilling as sixteen holes of golf is to me.”

“Eighteen.” He corrected, trying to contain the small grin threatening to break free on his face.

“Whatever.” Samantha waived her hand dismissively. “My point is that this is not you’re idea of fun.”

“This is a one-time-only offer expiring in ten seconds.” Bryan tugged open the door to the shop and stood to the side to allow her entry. “Nine, eight, seven…”

“Okay, okay.” She acquiesced, quickly stepping into the shop before he retracted his proposition.

They made their way through the busy shop to a rack behind the window display. Hanging along side the blue evening dresses were several other shiny, jewel-toned dresses that Samantha inspected with a keen eye. Finally she removed a blue dress in her size from the rack as well as an emerald green one before heading toward the fitting rooms to try them on.

“I need a basis for comparison.” She explained at his questioning look.

“Of course.” Bryan agreed dryly, following her to the back of the shop.

Samantha stepped into the fitting room, winked and blew a kiss to him before shutting the door and sliding the lock into place. Not even able to see her feet under the full-length door Bryan turned his attention instead to the surrounding Travesti racks of lingerie. He picked up a lacy lavender thong and had to swallow past a lump in his throat as he pictured her coppery curls peeking out from behind the lace. Cursing, Bryan quickly jammed the hanger back onto the rack. If he didn’t stop thinking about her sexually he was liable to explode right where he stood.

“May I help you, Sir?” A salesperson asked him, an amused smirk on her face.

“Uhm, no. Thank you.” He sidled away from the rack of panties and toward a non-threatening rack of jewelry. “I’m just waiting for my girlfriend.”

Bryan thought for sure he was about to get a lecture on the impropriety of fondling women’s undergarments when the salesperson was called away by another customer. Sighing in relief he turned away and was about to go find an out of the way place to sit and question his sanity when he heard Samantha’s soft voice behind him.

“Sweetheart, could you come here a sec?” He turned and found her leaning out of the dressing room, clutching the strapless gown to her chest. “I need you to zip me up.”

Bryan looked at the way her soft hair hung mused about her shoulders and his tongue felt like cotton in his mouth. His need for her never seemed to ebb. He glanced around quickly to make sure there was no one watching them before sliding into the tiny fitting room with her and closing the door quickly behind him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She hissed quietly, her grip slipping on the bodice of the dress and causing a sweet pink nipple to peek out over the top.

He flicked out his tongue over his dry lips. “You’re not wearing a bra?” Bryan was suddenly having a very difficult time breathing.

“Very good, Captain Obvious.” Samantha muttered crossly, turning her back to him and holding her hair up with one hand while she hauled the dress back into place with the other. “The best way to make sure it’ll hold everything in place is to try it on as it was meant to be worn—strapless.”

His hands went to the back of her dress, but hesitated at the back of her spine. “You got anything on down there?” Bryan asked, pulling the dress away from the small of her back and taking a peek inside.

“Yes. A thong.” She swatted at his hand and the dress fell away from her again, this time exposing both of her breasts. “Would you please just zip the damned thing up?” Samantha hauled the dress back up, her eyes meeting his in the reflection dressing room mirror.

‘Oh God, a thong.’ His libido-driven memory swirled back to the panties he had envisioned earlier riding intimately against her neatly trimmed pussy. Bryan stepped closer so their bodies brushed and she could feel his aroused state. “What color are they?” He asked in a low, urgent voice against her ear as he slowly slid the zipper up into place.

“Peach.” Samantha’s reply was slightly breathless and he knew that she was turned on as well.

Bryan groaned low in his throat. He had always had a particular affinity for peaches anyway. So sweet and succulent. He pushed aside her hair and lightly nibbled from her earlobe to the base of her neck.

“Should we be doing this?” She asked uncertainly, leaning her head to the side to allow him better access to her neck.

“Doing what?” Bryan eased the zipper back down a bit and slid his hands inside the bodice to cup her round, firm breasts. Deftly his thumbs flicked at her nipples, eliciting a small moan from between her lips.

“Bryan!” She whispered in exasperation, arching her back to better thrust her breasts into his hands.

“Look at that.” He said, motioning his head toward the mirrored wall in front of them. “Look at how sexy you are. Do you Ankara Travesti have any idea how much I want you right now?”

Samantha gazed in mute fascination as his thumbs slowly circled her areola. Taking her silence as content, Bryan slowly tugged up her skirt to expose her peach thong. They both watched his long fingers glide over the delicate lace covering her pussy, slowly sliding it aside and brushing his finger over the damp curls there. “And I think that this might have you just as turned on as I am.”

There eyes met in the mirror again and Bryan could see her inner struggle. “Come on, Sam. You know right now that you want nothing more than to feel my cock buried deep inside of you, fucking you hard, right here in this dressing room.”

Swallowing hard, Samantha nodded and Bryan felt himself harden. He pressed into her and bent her forward at the waist, extending her arms to brace herself against the mirror. “Watch yourself, Baby. See what I see when you cum.” He slowly stood and ran his hands back up her arms and down her torso, gliding over the blue dress now bunched about her waist. His hands settled on her hips as he knelt behind her so he was eye-level with her pussy.

Bryan urged her legs even farther apart. He could smell her arousal and moved his face close enough to feel the heat emanating from her. Gently he pushed aside the damp wisp of fabric covering her auburn curls and parted her glistening pink lips to reveal the rosy depths beyond. Slowly he ran a finger along the outer edge of her pussy and Samantha shivered in response.

He peeked around her thigh and met her eyes in the mirror. “Do you like this?” He asked, his finger brushing closer now to her clit.

“Oh, yeah.” Samantha moaned, wiggling her delicious little bottom further into his face.

Bryan shifted against the erection straining against his trousers. He was determined to see to her pleasure first. “How about this?” His finger grazed teasingly over her swollen bud in an almost a non-touch.

“It’s awful.” She complained petulantly.

“Awful?” He repeated uncertainly.

“Yes, ‘awful’ because it was too fast, too light, too…” Samantha’s complaint died off when Bryan’s tongue flicked over the clit that he had not satisfied properly with his finger. “Oh, yeah. That’s MUCH better. Just don’t stop.”

Bryan grinned against her wet folds, tickling her with the neatly trimmed whiskers around his mouth. She groaned low in her throat and pushed her pussy back into his face, demanding more attention. Slowly he licked and nibbled at her pussy, lapping at juices freely flowing there. Finally he wrapped his tongue around her clit and sucked it into his mouth and was rewarded with a muffled groan as she lost control and came all over his face.

“That’s right. Cum for me, Baby.” He encouraged, catching her hot, creamy cum with his tongue and slurping like a greedy child.

When Samantha was done Bryan stood up behind her and unfastened his belt. Their eyes were locked in the mirror where her hands were splayed across the reflective surface, still bracing herself after her monumental orgasm. Slowly he eased the zipper of his shorts down, his knuckle brushing against her wet pussy. As his hand reached into his boxers to remove raging hard on there was a quick rap on the door.

“How are we doing in there?” A pleasant voice inquired from outside the door. “Can I get you anything? Another size? Another style?”

“I’m fine, thanks.” Samantha winked at Bryan in the mirror before continuing in a surprisingly calm voice. “I’m just about done in here anyway and everything is fitting perfectly.”

“Great. We always like to see our customers satisfied.”

Samantha İstanbul Travesti made a soft, sultry laugh that sent any remaining blood flow throbbing painfully into his cock. “Not yet. But I will be soon.”

Watching her reaction in the mirror, Bryan put his hands on her hips and slowly sank into her moist, wet depths. He felt Samantha tighten around his cock and he slid in to the hilt, his balls warm and full against her pussy lips. Slowly he pulled back to the head before pushing back into her again, this time with more force.

Bryan shifted his focus to their image reflected in the mirror. They were both half dressed, Samantha’s breasts swaying freely with every thrust, her pussy half hidden behind the folds of the sapphire dress. His pants and boxers were in a wrinkled heap at his feet and he could see his balls slapping against her. They were both flush with passion and she had to chew on her lower lip to bite back the whimpers and moans that would normally be filling the room like an aria.

He could feel Samantha’s muscles contracting around him and Bryan knew his own release was near. Her reflection in the mirror was stunning; her eyes wild with passion, her hands clenched against the mirrored wall, her nipples erect and defying gravity. He leaned over her and reached around to flick his finger over her clit, watching her image in rapt attention as her orgasm came crashing over her.

Deciding he could wait no longer, Bryan wrapped his fingers around her hips and started to drive into her more forcefully. Samantha pushed back into him, meeting him thrust for thrust, her hot, wet cunt squeezing tightly around him. She threw her head back, waiving her mane of red hair and met his eye challengingly in the mirror. “Come on, Bry…I want to watch you fuck me now. I want to see your face when you cum. I want to feel you explode inside of me.”

Groaning quietly at her sexy urgings, Bryan gave in and followed her command, shooting a thick, heavy load of cum deep inside of her pussy. Samantha smiled victoriously before clamping down around his cock and riding the shock waves of his orgasm. Eventually he became aware of their surroundings again and reluctantly slid out of her. “Well, if I had known that clothes shopping was this satisfying I would have come with you more often.”

“I have to admit it makes me wonder what it would be like to go golfing with you…with all of those clubs and holes.” Samantha winked playfully before straightening and pulling the blue dress into place. “So, what do you think? Should I get it?”

Bryan looked at her image in the mirror and felt his desire stir again for her. “Every time I see you wearing it I’ll think of this afternoon and I’ll want to fuck you all over again.” He whispered into her ear, pulling her tempting pink lobe between her teeth and nibbling it into his mouth.

“Then I’m definitely buying it.” She grinned and slid out of the dress, standing beautifully naked in front of him except for her wet thong pushed unevenly to one side. “What about the green one? Should I try it on and we could—“

Bryan laughed and covered her mouth, kissing her deeply. “I think we’d better get out of here before we end up buying the whole damned store.”

Once their clothes were back in place and the now wrinkled sapphire dress returned to its hanger, Bryan eased open the door and peeked his head out. “Coast looks clear.” He said over his shoulder before stepping out and narrowly missing the salesperson from the underwear rack earlier. He stopped dead in his tracks, feeling like he had just been caught sneaking out of the girls locker room by the school principal.

Samantha pushed her way past him and smiled brightly at the woman. “Needed help with my zipper.” She explained, winking at the gaping salesperson before capturing Bryan’s hand and tugging him toward the register to pay for her new dress.

‘Oh yeah,’ he thought wryly. He would always have unbelievable memories of that blue dress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32