Renting a Beach Villa Pt. 01

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The Beach Villa resort advertised itself as a playground for adults. While that could mean many things, Joe and Karyn decided to give it a shot and booked their next vacation there. The resort booked in phases so that groups of people checked in and out at the same time. The resort set up social media groups to connect the couples prior to their weeks together. This was very effective, as all of the couples were really connecting during the online meet and greet sessions. During those session and other private ones, Karyn and Joe really hit it off with one couple, Laura and Phil.

Laura and Phil were the same age and lived a similar suburban life. Phil was in business and Laura was a real estate agent. They both had a couple of extra pounds, but were not overweight. They were both attractive and made a cute couple.

The streaming meetings quickly took on sexual undertones, so Joe was not surprised the day Phil sent pictures of Laura’s freshly shaved pussy. It was remarkably smooth, no hair was to be seen anywhere, quite the thorough job. Karyn sent a message to Laura asking her how she was able to do such a great job. Both were shocked with the answer – Phil was the expert pussy shaver. Apparently, he had done the same for his first wife and now Laura. Half-jokingly, Karyn asked if Phil was available while on vacation. The response came back in the affirmative so quickly, there was no joking about it, Phil was not just able, but eager to do it.

When Joe and Karyn arrived at the villa and checked in, they found that Phil and Laura had already arrived and arranged to be in the bungalow next door. They headed to the room, got into their swim suits and headed out to the beach to relax from the drive. Noticing their new friends by the water, they ran over to greet them. The women were instant BFFs and started laughing and giggling. Joe was clearly enamored with Laura’s bathing suit. It was two piece, the bottoms were like short-shorts. Her top though was not made well enough to hold even her modest ‘c’ cups, she was bursting out in every direction.

As the group sat in the large cabana and talked, they all laughed about the randy nature of the pre-vacation correspondence. It seemed just an innocent game except for one thing. Each time Laura would apply sunscreen, she would pull her top down, completely exposing her boobs. She would then proceed to oil them up until they glistened before putting her top back in place.

After a bit, everyone decided to head back to the villa and have a soak in the Jacuzzi and to make plans for the evening. There were plenty of options at the resort each night. Joe’s mind was full of the possibilities, mostly carnal of course, as the group walked back to the villa.

Since everyone wanted to take a shower, Joe took the opportunity to speak to Karyn as they got undressed. “You realize that if you let Phil shave you then I am going to get a monster hard on, don’t you,” Joe said to her.

“Well I sure hope so!” Karyn replied. “I suspect you’ll have an opportunity to relieve the pressure fairly easily.”

“What do you mean”, Joe asked.

“Well if Phil is going to be that close to my pussy, then I am sure he will want to fuck me, which I am sure you would not mind and will get your cock as hard as ever.” Of course, Joe’s cock was already almost at full mast just with the thought of it. “I also think that you would like to take the opportunity of getting between Laura’s legs you randy bastard”.

Joe’s ‘who, me?’ look certainly didn’t fool Karyn.

They jumped in the shower and scrubbed and rubbed each other playfully until the hot water emptied. Karyn took a little chance for her and wore a bikini for the Jacuzzi. Joe complimented her on how great she looked and kissed her passionately for several minutes. After sun screening each other, the couple headed for the Jacuzzi only to find Phil and Laura had beaten them there. Each villa had its own four person Jacuzzi, so they knew they would not be disturbed. Laura couldn’t seem to look away from the half hard on Joe still sported, so he lingered before getting in.

Joe found it very difficult to actually relax while trying to think of anything other than sex. This was especially true since his wife had just told him that she would probably be fucking their new friend within the hour while giving Joe permission to play with Laura. Add the sheer bikini top Laura was now wearing, her perky tits almost floating on the surface of a bubbling Jacuzzi, and there is no way that Joe’s hard on would go away on its own.

Karyn had been behind Joe by a couple of minutes, but now slipped into water on the other side of Phil. “You realize Laura that Joe hasn’t stopped talking about those lovely pics of your beautifully shaved pussy”. Karyn stated teasingly.

“Guilty!” Joe yelled. “Guilty of being a red blooded man.”

“Laura, it looked so smooth and silky in the pictures, what does it feel like?” Karyn asked.

“Here give me your hand”. Laura raised her legs to float on the surface and helped Karyn place her hand gently kürt porno on Laura’s cunt. Karyn proceeded to stroke and feel her way all around Laura’s beautiful pink hairless pussy.

Phil’s face was a picture, his jaw dropped, eyes riveted to the sexy scene before him. He looked at Joe who just shrugged. Joe probably looked just as goofy. Laura’s eyes were shut as her legs opened wider and her breathing got faster. “Ooh, I can feel you starting to get moist inside Laura” said Karyn “but then so am I, I have never felt a smoother woman’s cunt before”.

Joe had never heard Karyn use such explicit language before. He was sure the temperature of the water raised a couple of degrees. Both he and Phil and had massive erections. “Here Joe, feel this” Karyn said and took his hand and placed it on Laura’s pussy. Crap, she was wet now. “So you want me to feel the same?”

“Oh yes” Joe said as he gently slid his index finger into Laura.

Meanwhile Phil was giving his cock some urgent attention. Karyn moved across to him and said, “you haven’t got time for that, if you want to shave me”. With that she reached out of the Jacuzzi and got a towel and Joe’s shaving kit which she must have put together while he was finishing his shower. Karyn climbed out of the Jacuzzi and lay back onto the towel, she then spread her legs until she could open them no more. Her lovely pussy was open for all to see. Phil was shaking as he opened the shaving kit and started the delicate task of shaving Karyn’s pink pussy. He took every opportunity to feel and caress her body as he went.

Joe was getting so carried away watching the scene that he didn’t realize the fast pace in which he was frigging Laura while absentmindedly playing with himself. Laura brought his attention back to her as she took his hand off the aching cock and replaced it with her own. She started to give Joe the gentlest most sensitive hand job that he had ever had.

By now Phil was ready to start with the razor. He sprayed a little foam onto his fingers and slowly worked it into a lather on Karyn’s cunt taking far longer than he needed to. Then he started to shave the remainder of her pussy hair off. Within a couple of minutes she was panting “please hurry Phil, damn I need a fuck”. As Phil took the final strokes with the razor, he washed the last traces of soap off her bald cunt and ran his tongue right around her crack. She practically screamed with pleasure and came very quickly as Phil’s tongue swirled around her clit.

“Fuck me now Phil, I need cock now, I need a good hard fuck.” Phil didn’t need to be asked twice and plunged his cock into Joe’s wife right up to his balls and started pumping for all he was worth.

“C’mon Joe”, said Laura, “I need some of that.” Joe and Laura stepped out of the Jacuzzi, Laura leading him by the cock. She knelt down alongside Karyn and with Joe still standing, she took his hard cock into her mouth and started to suck. Karyn was moaning gently as Phil plowed into her and started sucking on her tits. She opened her eyes and smiled at Joe.

“Is this how you imagined it darling? Is this what you wanted to see?” Joe was unable to answer right away as he shot his first load of the night down Laura’s throat. He kept cumming as she pulled his still spurting cock from her mouth. The next blast of white nectar hit Laura’s chin and then left a trail down to her breasts. Karyn was watching and moaning, she seemed to be alive with one orgasm after another as she gripped Phil’s raging hard on with her tight cunt and with her legs around his back. It was one of the sexiest scenes Joe had ever seen. Phil was the next to cum and he made sure everyone knew it, almost shouting with pleasure.

“Let me see you cum on her smooth cunt” Laura told Phil. Karyn released her grip and relaxed as Phil pulled out of her and sent 3 or 4 good strong blasts of jism all over her newly shaved pussy.

Laura leaned over Karyn and licked Phil’s cock and then proceeded to lick Karyn’s cunt. Joe was stunned as neither of the women had ever even mentioned a desire to do anything like this. This just kept on getting better. Joe’s cock was back in fighting condition, which was just as well as Laura asked him to fuck her hard from behind. No argument here he thought as he slipped easily into Laura’s creamy wet cunt.

Joe couldn’t believe how quickly he had recovered and got hard again, but watching Laura’s tongue slide up and down Karyn’s pussy was just so damn hot. Despite cumming once already, he actually worried that he was in danger of shooting again too quickly. Phil was now slowly stroking his cock hard again when Karyn leaned over and took him in her mouth. Joe continued to pound Laura from behind. Her pussy was tight, its walls felt like velvet on the sensitive skin of his cock, her love juices dripping down onto the deck of the hot tub. It only took another couple of minutes before Laura and he came together. Seconds after that Karyn moaned with pleasure partly from her own orgasm and partly from Phil’s cock as he really went to town fucking her face.

Joe lay back on a poolside lounger watching Karyn finally bring Phil off in her mouth. Laura sat alongside gently stroking his cock and balls.

“Well, this is going to be some holiday!” she said.

“Well, it sure started with a bang,” Joe replied, smiling.

The next morning, Joe and Karyn met another one of the couples from the online chat group. Joe had to run to the store across the parkway after breakfast, and it took much longer than he had hoped. Returning, Joe headed immediately to the shower, stripped out of his clothes. Before stepping under the water, Joe happened to pass a window that looked down on the pool and patio area.

Glancing out the window, he saw Karyn and Dana from two bungalows down. Karyn and Dana were all alone on the deck, completely engrossed in one another. Joe was a little surprised as Karyn had not mentioned being attracted to Dana, but either was it was an incredible sight to see.

On one of the lounges the women were in a side by side sixty-nine position. They both had a dildo and were shoving it in the others pussy while they licked one another’s clit. After the shock wore off, Joe grabbed his digital camera to capture it on film. Zooming in he caught both of them having orgasms, Karyn’s seeming to come in waves through her body. In the midst of their mutual orgasms, they stopped their action and fought to catch their breath after being stuffed and licked.

Once they came down Dana got off the lounge and moved to the one next to it. Dana sat back with her legs spread while Joe’s sexy wife used her tongue and the dildo to make Dana cum once again. This time, Dana seemed to hit a real peak and was lurching forward with each spasm. Of course while they serviced each other Joe had a hold of his rock hard cock and jerked off a little, resisting the urge to finish in a towel. Trying to hold the camera steady was very difficult. As Karyn finished her work on Dana, she sat back and wiped Dana’s juice from around her mouth. Dana held her arms open and Karyn slid into them while they kissed like lovers.

Taking the camera in the bathroom, Joe hid it in the cabinet for later. He hopped in the shower and in a few minutes heard the bathroom door open. Glancing at Karyn through the glass he waved.

“That took you forever, get everything you needed?” she asked.

Watching her out of the corner of his eye, Joe noticed that she grabbed a wash cloth and wiped her mouth and face. “Yeah, they were short staffed and then didn’t have exactly what I needed on the shelves, but it all worked out. Did I see Dana leaving when I pulled up?” The mental picture of them eating each other’s pussy got Joe hard all over again,

“Why don’t you come in the shower with me? I’ll let you wash my back or whatever?”

Turning around Karyn could see Joe’s cock stuck against the glass and giggled, “I think I see the, ‘whatever’ you want washed,” she quickly stripped out of her clothes and stepped in the shower.

Karyn’s passion continued as if she hadn’t had an orgasm just a few moments ago. Joe let her soap hi, all over then did the same for her and noticed how swollen her pussy lips were. “Yeah they get like when she is really worked up and horny,” he thought.

They quickly rinsed off and began fucking against the wall. Joe pounded Karyn with everything he had, finishing up holding her ass while his cock slammed into her from behind. As she begged to be fucked harder and harder, Joe’s mind could only see Dana’s face, his cock wrapped by her wet lips. Soon, Joe was filling Karyn’s sugar walls with sticky goo until it ran down her legs.

Catching her breath Karyn said, “Holy crap baby! That was fantastic! You haven’t fucked me that hard in weeks, what got into you anyway? I came at least twice.”

Leaning back against the shower wall Joe grinned, “I don’t know, you just looked sexy today I guess.” Kissing each other they rinsed and discussed plans for the day.

After dinner, they were getting together with Jerry and Dana to play cards. They were the only couple there that knew any card games. After pouring everyone drinks, everyone sat down to play. After a couple of games of pinochle, it was Joe’s deal.

“Let’s change games. High card gets to ask anything of the person to their left, ok?”

Jerry agreed readily. By now, Dana was pretty tipsy. “Yeah that sounds like a hoot!” She added.

Karyn wasn’t far behind her, “OK I’m in, let’s see what you got baby!”

Joe dealt everyone a card, Karyn was to the left so she went first. Turning her card over it was a six. Jerry came next and his card was a six also. Dana went next and her card was a nine. That left Joe who turned over a jack.

“Seems like I get to ask first. Let’s see Karyn, uh, hmm, have you ever had a sexual experience with a woman, and not told me, so that I am unaware?” Joe watched her over his glass and took a sip.

Karyn started to giggle put her chin in her hand and looked Joe in the latin porno eye, “I sure have lover boy!”

Jerry said, “No way, you?”

She nodded giggled some more as she grabbed the cards, “My deal,” she said as she passed out the cards, now it was Jerry’s turn to go first.

Turning over his card it was a queen, “That’s better!” he said as he rubbed his hands together and grinned at Dana.

She got a seven, “I never get any good cards!”

Joe got a deuce and Karyn a ten.

Jerry laughed leaned towards his wife and asked, “OK sweet cheeks same question to you that Joe asked. Ever had sex with a woman?”

Grinning she giggled and said, “Yeah and I want to do it again. Want to watch baby?” she and Karyn broke up laughing.

Jerry and Joe also laughed with them, Jerry gave Joe the high sign. “Enough cards, let’s watch a dirty movie!” they all cheered, so taking his cue, Joe found a porn on the hotel system. As there were two love seat couches in the family room, they could sit with their own wives.

Joe chose one that was about a wife getting caught by her husband fucking the pool guy. It started out like they all do with the woman and the pool guy having hard core sex in several positions with him shooting off on her tits. The pool guy kisses her goodbye and leaves. She is laying on her back on the bed with a satisfied look on her face rubbing his cum on her breasts and nipples.

In the next moment her husband comes out of the closet to confront her cheating on him; they argue and she breaks down in tears telling him she will do anything for him. Well we all know what happens next; he drops his pants on the floor strips his shirt off and stroking his cock tells his wife to crawl over on her knees and suck his cock. She tells him, ‘yes dear,’ and slowly crawls over staring at his now hard cock, licking her lips she proceeds to give probably one of the best blow jobs I’ve seen in a movie yet.

Meanwhile Joe notices that everyone is quiet except Dana, she and Jerry were in a lip lock and she was moaning into his mouth. He had his hand inside her shirt while she rubbed his cock through his pants. Both of them were breathing hard and oblivious to Karyn and Joe.

Karyn pulled her eyes off the blow job action on the TV when she heard Dana moaning. Raising her eyebrows she looked back at Joe and grinned. Leaning towards him, she started to rub his cock through his shorts, “Watching them is getting you hot isn’t it baby? Want me to suck you off while you watch?” Without waiting for an answer, Karyn unzipped Joe’s shorts and pulled out his manhood as she slipped down between Joe’s legs swallowing the throbbing cock whole.

Joe moaned and dropped his head down. As he did, he saw Jerry kissing Dana’s neck as she watched her new friends. Looking Joe in the eye she unzipped Jerry’s pants and pulled his cock out jerking him off while she watched Karyn expertly sucking the hard shaft. Karyn was really getting into it, becoming orally fixated, normal for Karyn when she is exceedingly horny. Stopping her, Joe stood up over her and dropped his shorts to the floor. He then connected the camera to the TV and started the movie of Karyn and Dana. Joe pulled off his shirt and helped Karyn up and out of her clothes.

Karyn glanced over at her new friends. Dana had Jerry’s cock in her mouth but the two of them were keeping an eye on Karyn and Joe. Karyn leaned back on the couch and dropped her head over the arm rest so she could deep throat Joe standing nearby. As her head came down Joe fed the rock hard cock down her throat stroking it in until his balls hit her forehead.

Jerry pulled Dana off his cock stripped out of his clothes and pulled her up. Turning her so she could watch, he slowly unbuttoned her top letting it fall to the floor then he unsnapped her bra letting it go also. She started to pull on her nipples and squeeze her breasts never letting her eyes leave the other couple in the room. Jerry grinned at Joe and pulled her shorts down including her panties, Dana had a waxed ‘landing strip’ rising up from her wet pussy. Her pussy lips were puffy, swollen and wet.

Dana stared at Karyn who was fingering her cunt while sucking Joe’s cock, licking her lips she dropped her hand down to her own slit and rubbed her clit. Jerry gently pushed Dana over to the other couch and bent her down between Karyn’s legs only about a foot away from where her fingers were fucking her wet pussy. When she bent over Dana slid closer on her own within tongue range of her lover’s cunt.

Dana had her ass in the air and said, “Fuck me Jerry, fuck me hard honey!”

As his cock slid in she leaned forward and started to lick and suck Karyn’s pussy. Every time Jerry pushed forward Dana stuck her tongue in Karyn’s slick wet slit. Watching Dana bury her face in Karyn’s cunt sent Joe over the edge. Speeding up the pace Joe quickly face fucked his own wife until he could feel his balls tighten in anticipation of shooting their load. Karyn must have felt it to, she reached up and pulled Joe closer into her mouth as he shot cum down her throat. The first long rope of sperm filled her mouth, but then Joe pulled out and jerked the rest onto her neck and tits. Using her fingers she scooped as much as possible from her chin and spread it on her pussy for Dana to eat off.

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