Picking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 13

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True to her word, after my wife considered letting me try to make out with her sister, she started to work on a plan to make it happen. I think she was feeling guilty about having all of the extra-marital fun herself (little did she know!).

Anyway, last week Lori told me that Deb was coming down for the weekend, without her husband. She asked me how I felt about trying to seduce Debbie, and I told her I was looking forward to it. I was kind of shocked when she said,

“Good, ’cause I want to help you.” “How are you gonna do that?” I asked. “Don’t you worry about it,” she responded, “you just be ready when the time comes.”

I called Debbie the next day, and told her about the conversation I’d had with Lori. “I wonder what she’s up to,” she mused. “I don’t know, but we should be ready for anything!” I told her.

(A lot of this next part was related to me by Debbie, since I wasn’t present for it)

Deb arrived late the next Friday night, with plans to stay ’till Sunday afternoon. As soon as she got there and we all said our hellos, Lori took her into the bedroom to “talk.” At this point, you need to know that Lori gets all jibbery when she’s excited, talking a mile-a-minute. This is not the exact conversation, but very close, to the best of our memories.

“Deb, have you thought about how you’re gonna repay Rick for the work he did on your house last month?” Lori asked. “No, not really. Probably take you guys out to dinner or something.” “That’s it? Dinner? You know, he saved you guys about two thousand dollars, don’t you?” “Yeah, so what? What do you think I should do for him?”

What a great question! I could not believe what Debbie said came from my wife’s mouth next. “Fuck him.” just like that. “What?” Deb asked, a shocked look on her face. “Oh, don’t act like such a prude, Debbie. He really thinks you’re hot, and I know you really like him too, always asking me ‘What do you guys do in bed, how big is his dick?’ and stuff, so why don’t you? I mean after all, we’re all family, and I don’t want him to stray with just anybody, so I think it would be really neat if you gave him some, you know, in return for everything he’s done for you?”

After a long pause, “You wouldn’t be mad?” “No, not if I can be there with you…..” Talk about a shocker! It’s a good thing Lori didn’t run this by me first, ’cause I’d have nixed it immediately. But, she didn’t.

(Back to Debbie and Lori’s conversation)

“I mean, you couldn’t make a habit of it, but once in a while…. it would be okay with me,” Lori said matter-of-factly. “And, as I’ve already told you, he’s really great in the rack! kartal escort His dick is over nine inches long, and really thick!” she rambled on. “I know how big his dick is….” Deb said without thinking, drawing a quick look from Lori, so she quickly added, “You’ve bragged about it to me often enough!”

“So…. do you want to?” Debbie took a few minutes to think it through. She knew that she would get my dick whenever she wanted it, with or without my wife’s permission, but the thought of doing it with Lori’s full knowledge, and even being present when we did it…. intrigued her.

“I…. might.” Lori came out of the bedroom and to the refrigerator, and got two wine coolers, and without so much as a glance my way, went back to the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

They drank the wine coolers, discussing the plan that Lori had hatched, obviously well in advance. “You know he’s a leg man, right? I mean he can’t keep his eyes off of any nice legs, including yours, especially when you’re wearing nylons.” Deb had to be careful how she responded. “I have noticed that he does look at my legs a lot…. ” “Right! He can’t resist! So, let’s get dressed up, and go out there and fuck his eyes out!”

“Okay….” Just like that. Debbie said that Lori was like a teenager again! She went to her dresser and pulled out two garter belts, and opened two pairs of new, very sheer, silky RHT stockings. “Have you ever worn a garter belt, Deb? Oh, yeah, I forgot, I loaned you one with stockings, a few years ago when you didn’t bring pantyhose with you, remember? Anyway, Rick absolutely loves stockings and garter belts, so we’ll drive him crazy with these!”

Then, she asked Deb what clothes she brought with her. “Go get your suitcase, Deb.” As she did, she knew she’d have to be careful what she let Lori see, since she’d brought her own garter belt and nylons with her, to wear for me! They picked out a short skirt for deb, sheer blouse, and her spiked heels that she’d brought along. Lori put a summer dress on that buttoned up the front, and her 3 1/2″ black stilettos.

As they came out to the living room, Lori whispered to Deb, “Just follow my lead, and have fun!” I was sitting in my recliner, and after Lori got three more wine coolers, they sat on the couch to my left, crossing their legs as they sat down. “Rick,” Lori started out, “Deb wants to thank you for the work you did on their house last month.” I was speechless.

Lori scooted away from Deb on the couch. “So, come over here, Honey, and sit between us.” I got up and sat down between the two sexy sisters, setting my wine cooler down. They both cumhuriyet mahallesi escort turned towards me, their sexy, nylon-clad legs touching my bare legs, since I was wearing shorts. Then, Lori simply reached over and unzipped my shorts, and dug my dick out. Just like that.

As Lori leaned over my lap, I put a hand on each of their nyloned thighs, and as she took the head in, I looked at Deb, who just winked at me!

Lori started working on my cock, and I slid my hands along garter straps, above expanded stocking tops, onto bare thighs. Simply stated, I was in heaven.

Then Debbie winked at me again and tapped Lori’s shoulder, saying, “My turn.” As Lori leaned back, Debbie leaned forward, sticking her tongue out to ‘test the waters,’ and also so she didn’t look too eager or familiar. After licking around the head, then the shaft, she moved back up and slid her lips down over the head, and then taking about half of my shaft in her mouth, her tongue driving me crazy.

Lori looked at me with a smug expression, and I just smiled. Lori was pumping the shaft of my cock as her sister sucked on it, and then she leaned over and kissed the side of it as Debbie kept sucking, never missing a beat. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and sure enough, I started cumming. Lori realized it first, and started pumping harder, her lips joining Debbie’s at the head of my cock.

Lori let Debbie take my full load, and every spurt went in her mouth as Lori milked the shaft. Debbie held all of it in her mouth until I was done, and then she let my cock plop out of her mouth and turned to her sister, kissing her open-mouthed, sharing my cum. It was all very surreal.

When they were done, they both swallowed, and looked up at me. “Your turn,” Lori said, as both girls leaned back on the couch, hiking their skirts up to their waist. Neither had panties on, and they spread their thighs in unison, Lori giving me instructions. “Do Deb first, Rick, I want her to see what it’s like to have her pussy eaten by an expert!” (Little did she know, that Debbie already knew very well!)

I started by kissing her nyloned knee, slowly moving my lips and tongue up to her bare thigh, and on up until I was at her core. My tongue probed gently, and then more forcefully, sliding in and out of her pussy, and tickling her clit. She moaned loudly, and I looked up at her face. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she was very obviously enjoying what I was doing.

I ate her for a few minutes, and then my wife said, “Okay Rick, it’s time for you to live your fantasy.” She pulled back on my yunus escort shoulder, and quietly mouthed the words, “Go on Rick, fuck her!” I moved between Deb’s legs, and my wife took hold of my cock and placed it at her sister’s entrance. She rubbed it up and down a few times, and then I just shoved it in. It went in to the hilt, and Debbie screamed with her first orgasm.

Then, since I was on my knees fucking her, she slid her stocking covered legs over mine and I settled into a gentle rhythm, my cock going all the way in, and then almost all the way out of her pussy. We maintained that pace for several minutes, my hands sliding up and down her nylon covered legs, from her high heels up to the tops of her stockings.

Even though I’d enjoyed Deb’s feminine charms countless times before, it was really different with my wife there watching, as you can imagine. It’s not that it wasn’t exciting, but the fact that it wasn’t done ‘in secret’ kind of detracted from the enjoyment of it all.

I felt Deb getting tense, and I knew she was about ready to cum again, so I sped things up, slamming my hard dick in to the hilt, and then pulling back quickly. Debby started moaning loudly, and Lori reached between us and started frigging Deb’s clit, which sent her into a mind-shattering orgasm. She very nearly bucked me off of her, but I managed to ride it out, shooting my second orgasm of the night deep into my sister-in-law’s love box.

Afterward, the three of us just lounged around for awhile, until Lori started kissing me. I knew she wanted some relief as well, being the only one that hadn’t cum yet. I was in no condition to fuck her, so I started kissing her, sliding my lips down to her left nipple, nipping it with my teeth, and then moving to the right, and on down. I got to her pussy and just plunged my tongue in. She was really drenched already, and I moved my tongue down to her little rosebud asshole.

I speared it for a few seconds, and then moved back up to her pussy, concentrating on her clit as Debbie watched us. I signaled her to come closer, and she did. She slid her hand up to Lori’s pussy, her fingers playing with first the lips, and then going inside.

After just a few minutes, Lori started to tense up, and a low moan came from deep in her throat. “Oh, Baby, I’m cummmmmming!!” she screamed as I continued to lick her pussy, my tongue coming in contact with Debbie’s fingers that were finger-fucking her.

Lori’s ass left the floor as she shoved her pussy into my face, and her nyloned legs clamped around my head. She came for several seconds, finally quieting down with a deep sigh. “Wow!” she said, her eyes still closed, savoring the moment.

Debbie just looked down at me with a smile on her face. We both wondered to ourselves, just what the future held for us with this new “development.” The weekend was filled with a lot more sex, and I’ll try to fill you in later!

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