One Summer Morning

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This story is part of a quartet of stories named: One Summer.

It is not a continuing storyline. They have familiar, common settings, persons or themes but they are not the same. Each story stands on its own. As always, all persons have reached the age of 19 years or more since they were born.

Note to the reader: English is not my first language so it may sometimes read as if you are listening to somebody from a foreign country. But thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable!

Remember the early morning sun, the sea and the deserted beach?

1. ******

“Psst! Hey! Can I go along?”

The hushed voice of my sister was clear through the fresh morning air outside of the holiday villa our parents had rented for a month this summer. The sun was still hidden behind the hills to the east and the coolness of the night was still over the garden I was walking through.

I turned around and, without speaking, motioned for her to come. I kept walking towards the moped I had rented, in order to be able to escape the crowd whenever needed, which stood outside of the gate. Before I reached the gate, she was next to me and I looked at her. She smiled back at me and I noticed she was wearing a simple cotton dress with a front that was tied up behind her neck. Her dark hair was fastened in a ponytail and her sunglasses were already up on her head.

“Thanks,” she said.

I shrugged my shoulders, as if to say why not. She opened the gate and I took the key for the moped from my shorts. I saw she had only a towel in her hands so I handed her my small backpack. She put her towel in it and swung the backpack onto her back. I saw no strings of a bra across her shoulders so she must have pulled her dress on in a hurry.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, looking at me.

“Mm, nothing, let’s go.”

I seated myself on the moped and started it. She sat behind me, wrapped her arms around my belly and clutched her hands as we drove a ten-minute ride to the beach. During holidays, it was my habit to go for an early morning swim each day before everybody else would wake up. We were having an old-fashioned family holiday, staying at a house our parents had rented along the Mediterranean coast. Besides my parents and my sister, Liz, who was holding me tight right now, two longtime friends, from our parent’s university days, were staying for the holidays as well. They had always been around and had shared many holidays with us.

While I had already been here for almost a week, Liz had only arrived yesterday evening. She had moved to a different city and we had hardly seen her during the last twelve months or so. Dad had picked her up at the airport and we had a late-night dinner which was more on par with the local habit. Liz had told us she had a very stressful week getting everything finished at work before going on holidays. So the wine had hit her harder than usual and she had gone to bed first and was sleeping by the time I entered the bedroom that we shared.

We had always shared a bedroom on holidays like this one, especially when all of the other rooms were occupied by other couples. But it had been six years since we went on our last holiday like this one, when we were still teenagers in high school. I could remember some awkward moments about then but, in general, Liz and I got along very well. Our four years’ age difference meant that we didn’t get into each other’s way too often. I was her big brother, she was my little sister.

This morning, she was still sleeping when I sneaked out of the room to go for an early morning swim but, somehow, she had managed to grab a towel and a dress to join me. Driving towards the beach, I looked at the landscape that was so different than in the afternoon when the heat of the sun would brighten up all of the colors and blacken all of the short shadows. Now, all of the colors looked more transparent and the shadows were long and grey.

The curvy road made Liz hold me tight and I noticed she was not that skinny teenager anymore. She was leaning onto me with the side of her head against my shoulders and her breasts were squashed against my back. I could feel her bare thighs against mine and something stirred in my crotch. Was it the feeling of her body parts, the vibrations of the moped or the two acting together? The result was my penis stiffening inside my shorts which made the vibrations even more palpable.

On the last stretch to the sea, I could see the clear, smooth water as it mirrored the skies reaching out to the horizon. Oh, the beautiful Med! Small coves with sandy beaches formed the coastline and we could choose which one to go to. I chose one on the far end where there were no buildings or cafes on the beach, not even a parking space. As I parked the moped next to the fence that confined this little beach, Liz looked at me and grinned,

“The engine vibrations and the bumpy road got to you, didn’t they?”

I blushed, looked down and fixbet saw a noticeable tent in the front of my shorts. I saw her looking at it and looked back at her.

“Did you feel it, too?” I shyly asked.

“Sure! There was no escaping it but let’s go and swim, big brother!” she answered.

I wasn’t sure what she meant but I started walking onto the beach, kicking my flip flops loose and picking them up. Liz did the same and we walked to the middle of this beautiful, small, crescent shaped and totally deserted beach. During the day, it could become totally packed but now there wasn’t a soul in sight. Liz dropped my backpack on the sand and started untying her dress behind her neck. Standing as she was, two nipples were clearly visible while her arms were raised which pushed her breasts to the front. I guess she caught me staring because she coughed.

“Are you going to stand there like that? Come on, let’s swim!” she said.

I loosened my shorts and stepped out of them, only to reveal a rather big bulge in my swimming trunks. Luckily, the hardness had subdued but the form of my dick was still clearly visible underneath the thin fabric of my speedo. Shyly, I looked at Liz and shrugged my shoulders. There was nothing I could do about it. She smiled while loosening the bands of her dress and pulling them down. As I suspected, she wasn’t wearing a bra or a bikini top and her breasts fell free from her dress. Her two beautiful, not so big and pear-shaped, breasts with coin-sized brown areolas at the points were staring right back at me. They really stood firm, with no sag at all just beautiful young breasts with nipples that clearly stood out.

“They’re beautiful, Liz,” was all I could say.

Now it was her turn to blush but she countered quickly while stepping out of her dress and hooking her thumbs into her quite small panty.

“You’re not going to swim with those on, are you?” she asked and nodded her head towards my swimming trunks.

In the same moment, she pulled her panty down her legs and showed a trimmed but still quite full bush on her pubic mound.

“What? You mean you didn’t bring any swimwear?” I asked, stunned.

“No, off course not! Who’s around? And anyway, skinny dipping is best! Swimming naked is absolutely one of the best things to do!” she answered.

“Well, I’m around. Doesn’t that bother you? And since when do you skinny dip?”

“Since last year. And no, it doesn’t bother me. Does it look like it bothers me?” she asked in return.

I couldn’t say it did. She was standing right in front of me, in all of her beautiful, youthful naked glory, with only her sunglasses in her hand and nothing else. I shook my head and looked down. I saw her panty lying on the sand, a dark spot visible in the small gusset between the front and the back. My semi hard-on was still visible as a hidden banana when I pulled the strings of my speedo loose. Slowly I pulled the front of my trunks down and, like a spring, my dick showed itself to my sister and started to straighten in its new-found freedom. The morning air around it only made the feeling and my arousal stronger as did the knowledge that Liz was looking at me from a very short distance. Bending over, I pulled my trunks down to my ankles and stepped out of them. A loud giggle escaped Liz’s mouth and I looked up to see her laughing, with her hand in front of her mouth, and looking at my crotch.

“Oh, I’m sorry! But this is too funny!” she laughed and held out her hand to me.

“They say it is the ultimate compliment to a girl when a guy gets a hard-on because of her but I didn’t expect it coming from you. Come on, let’s jump in. It’ll be great!”

I grabbed her hand and we started walking to the sea. All I could feel was my swinging dick in front of me and her hand pulling mine. This turned out to be totally different than my expectations this morning when I stepped out of bed to go swimming!

2. ******

We swam together for quite a while but later on I swam further out to sea and Liz swam back to the shore. Swimming naked, with the water flowing all around me, felt great! Swimming back, I could see her walking to one end of the beach where the sand stopped and rocks would go on to a point where they disappeared into the water. I swam towards the point where the rocks began on the beach and walked out of the water towards Liz. She clearly hadn’t toweled herself dry, yet, as she, too, was still wet from the sea. Her hair was loose and reaching halfway to her shoulder blades. I was aware she was my little sis but she surely was a beautiful sight to see.

“Let’s go to the end of the rocks,” she half shouted when I stood on the sand with only my feet in the water.

I kicked the water towards her but couldn’t get it to her. She laughed at me and took a few quick steps towards the rocks. Again, I was struck by the sight of her beautiful body. She had grown into this girl that was not an adolescent anymore but not yet a woman, either. Her buttocks fixbet giriş were firm and very round and her legs slim and nicely toned. I had never seen her like this, naked in the open air, and I had never looked at her like this before, seeing not only my sister but a pretty and very good looking girl.

The rocks were large, grey slabs of stone rounded, I suspected, by centuries of water flowing over them. Only beneath the water line could one see the black sea urchins with their sharp needles. The rocks were easy to walk on, occasionally jumping from a big rock to another, but sometimes we had to crawl on our hands and feet to climb over a bigger and / or higher one. It was at one of those rocks that I came quite close behind her, crawling at her heels.

Looking up to where we were climbing, I was presented with a very intimate, private view of Liz’s crotch. I looked up between her legs and even her ass cheeks. It was very clear that I hadn’t noticed, when we were swimming, that she shaved her outer labia totally clean or maybe it was waxed because there was no stubble in sight. Two, rather large, inner labia were in plain sight before my eyes because her outer labia, from my point of view, seemed to leave so much room between the two that everything in between became visible! I was lucky Liz didn’t stop or look behind because I was sure I would have been caught red-handed. But soon we reached the end where the rocks disappeared into the sea and

Liz sat down on the flat part of the edge, leaving her legs dangle above the water. I sat down next to her and looked across the clear blue water.

“What a view,” I said, looking from right to left, from this small cape to others around us.

“This one or the previous one while we were climbing the rocks?” Liz asked with a mischievous smile.

“Both,” I managed to get out of my throat, feeling very caught.

“Oh, Liz, you can’t be angry with me when you’re the one who’s wandering around naked and then starts climbing these rocks in front of me.”

“No, silly, I’m not angry at all. It’s part of being nude. There’s no such thing as ‘private’ parts so don’t worry,” she said while putting one hand on my shoulder.

I looked sideways at her, while she was looking towards the horizon. She looked very happy, much better than last night when the travelling had tired her, on top of the stress to get everything done at work to be able to leave for the holidays.

“You look happy this morning! So much more so than yesterday evening,” I said.

She looked back at me, studying my face.

“I am. I’m totally back into a holiday mood. This early morning rise, the cool air, the sights and sounds but above all, the sea and the swimming got me back into being happy. It feels like the real life, the way it’s supposed to be. Like peace and love and all the shit at work is a big masquerade. Although I love my work, this is what I love the most,” she said seriously.

She planted a little kiss on my forearm and looked back at the sea.

“Liz, tell me. Where is this coming from? This skinny dipping, this walking around naked? It’s been a few years since our last holiday together with mom and dad but I didn’t see this one coming.” I asked.

“That’s ok. It only started last year during my trip to the Greek islands. As you remember, we went backpacking for a month and, while we planned to see a lot of things, we just visited a couple of islands and parts of the mainland of Greece. Our planning really slowed down quite fast, which is a funny way to put it. But then, about the nudity. Almost all of the pretty beaches we visited were occupied by nudists, or clothing optional at best if you want to put it like that. So, once we tried it ourselves, there was no going back. It felt so liberating, so free and so peaceful.”

“In the end, we just stayed at one beach for almost an entire week and I can’t remember putting clothes on until we packed our bags and took the boat back to Athens. It was fun and it was totally relaxed. It was a party as well and, yes, there was sex but the nudity wasn’t about sex and the sex wasn’t caused by the nudity. But, of course, it was a holiday and everybody is looking to get lucky. You know!”

“I know,” I answered timidly. “So you thought you’d start where you ended last year with your brother?”

“Yeah, well, sort of. I guess I wanted to prevent having to wear a swimsuit all the time. That would kill this holiday for me. That’s why I came down to the beach with you this morning. So, I hope you’re with me on this. Are you?” she said.

She looked up at me with eyes that were smiling. She was happy but vulnerable at the same time. There was an uncertainty about her that I had not seen earlier this morning when she undressed in front of me as if it was the most natural thing to do. Now I understood that, for her, it was the most natural thing to do.

“Yes, of course I’m with you. Always was, always will be!” I told her with a bravura that had to conceal my sincerity but I guess she knew what I really meant.

“Great!” she shouted enthusiastically.

“This holiday will be a party, then! Even with the old folks around!”

3. ******

Suddenly, we realized we had to get back to the beach before other people would arrive, so we stood up and started walking back.

“What would people think if a naked girl and a naked boy appeared from behind the rocks?” Liz joked.

“That we had been looking for seashells in the wrong place? I don’t think they will believe us if we said we had been enjoying the view,” I answered.

“Yes, you have. Now it’s my turn,” she said.

We had arrived at the part where we had to climb over the rocks. Liz gestured that it was my turn to lead in front and I smiled at her.

“Fair enough,” I said and started climbing on hands and feet.

It wasn’t really that steep but enough that you’d be safer on all fours. Just before I reached the top I looked back, through my legs, and saw my dick swinging between them and behind it the laughing, happy face of Liz.

“Now, I won’t be lying if I say I was enjoying the view up here!” she joked.

When we crossed the rocks, we oversaw the whole beach. A couple, or so it seemed, was holding hands while walking our way, through the water, with some bags in their hands. With our feet on the sand again, we knew we had to pass the couple who had put their bags on the sand and had started to undress. They wore swimsuits so I guessed they had come for an early morning swim as well because they didn’t unpack before getting undressed.

We walked through the shallow water as well, with only our feet getting wet, to have some distance to the couple on the beach. When they looked at us again, we waved our hands to greet them and they waved back, smiling timidly. They looked to be a couple of years older than us. Then they started a discussion that we couldn’t hear but the results were very clear. First, he pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them, then she followed by removing her top and pulling her bikini bottom down, too.

At that time, we had almost passed them but they looked at us again and starting to walk towards the water. Liz put her thumbs up in the air and waved to them again. They smiled back and she put her arm around his waist. She was almost a head shorter than he was, with short hair and perky breasts but smaller than Liz’s. She had an almost boyish figure but what struck me the most, when we were so close, was that both were shaven. Pubic hair was totally absent from their bodies. With no hair to hide anything, it made his dick and scrotum look larger and very visible to us, as were her labia.

“Stop staring,” Liz hissed and I turned my head towards her as I smiled.

“Have to get used to so much nudity,” I said to her while I looked at her and saw laughing eyes looking at me.

“I guess you haven’t seen much, have you?” she asked.

“Probably not half as much as you have, I’m sure,” I said.

Turning my head to look at the couple who were standing up to their hips in the water, they were still holding hands when they dove into the sea.

When we got back to the place where our clothes lay, Liz pulled out her towel and spread it on the sand. She sat down on one half of it, clearly suggesting I should sit down on the other half. In doing so, I couldn’t escape sitting against her side with Liz leaning backwards on her hands that were firmly pressed into the sand. She stretched her legs, crossing them at the ankles, and I could feel her looking at me.

“What’s up, Liz?” I asked, with my face to the sea, looking at the couple who were standing against each other, obviously engaged in a kiss.

“Enjoying yourself? I mean, being naked at the beach, in the sun and with me around?” she simply asked.

“Yeah, I’m ok. It’s nice. Like you said, it feels liberating and free. It feels good but I’m not really relaxed sitting so close to you,” I admitted.

“But not embarrassed by me, anymore?” she laughed.

“No, that’s ok, too. You’re too beautiful, especially naked, for me to feel exposed to you.”

“Thanks again. You’re very sweet to say such a thing. So please, relax,” she answered.

She pulled me back by my shoulder so I fell on my back in the sand then she looked down at me and smiled again.

“You know, Liz?” I asked while looking back at her.


“If I wasn’t your brother, I’d think you were trying to come on to me,” I replied.

“And if I was, would you be interested?” she quipped back, smiling and putting her hair back in a ponytail.

“Geez, Liz, what kind of answer is that? Is incest something you learned in Greece as well, like in a real Classic tradition?”

Surprisingly, she didn’t answer, at first, but looked out over the sea, as if she was searching for an island on the horizon.

“That island contains my memories of a past summer where, and when, I had found my freedom and what it means to me. The shedding of my clothes had meant so much more than walking around, or swimming, naked. I have shed the boundaries I previously had held as decent, reasonable and social,” she told me.

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