New Toys

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Adria Rae

I checked everything again, the tea was just about ready, his slippers by the couch, all the controls within his reach. I looked in the mirror briefly checking my appearance, petting my skirt and top subconsciously, hoping he would like my attire. I knew that he loved me in a short skirt but until now I have not had enough self-confidence to expose myself in such a manner as I did now. I felt the cool air of the flat caressing the skin of my bare ass.

There was the key in the lock, the noise making me jump even though I had been expecting it. Master was finally home and he was mine, all mine for the next two days. Just the thought of having him to myself made my heart soar. We had not been together for a week, since my punishment.

I clicked the kettle and the water boiled quickly as Master came in and settled himself on the couch turning on the TV and channel surfing when I appeared with his tea, just how he liked it. I placed the cup on the table and sunk to my knees by his side, the comfort of his presence alone making me feel safe once more, and confident that I was doing the right thing.

It was a few moments after I had first settled before he spoke to me, his voice quiet and tone even as always, a hint of weariness there also. “Stand up little one, I want to see what you look like.” Those words made me feel self conscious of how I looked but I did as he asked me.

A big smile crossed his face the weariness suddenly forgotten as he took in the sight of me. I could almost see the effects my outfit was having on him. He always told me that I should show off my assets and for that this outfit was perfect. A tight white top showing off my breasts to their best advantage, and a short black skirt, long enough to be dignified but short enough to give a hint of the naughtiness beneath.

“Very nice, I think I should make you dress like this for me more often.” I blushed deeply at the thought of actually having to appear in public like this but I knew I would do what he liked, whatever that meant for me.

He then sat forward in his chair and started to stroke my leg, up to my inner thigh, slowly and softly, a caress, nothing more. I smiled and bit my lip loving his touch on my skin, feeling how my skin became electrified with the sensations. His hand rose higher and higher until he had almost reached the crevice where my leg joined to my pelvis, where my pussy began. I wanted so badly to groan in frustration but managed to keep silent for the moment at least.

“Sit down princess, we have some things to discuss.” His voice still carried the same light tone so I was not altogether worried. I sat down beside him trying to be as ladylike as possible and hide my naughtiness, which was also obedience of course.

“Now I came home during the week to find that I had a package to collect at the post office, much to my surprise. I haven’t ordered anything. Do you know anything about that princess?”

I nodded and then quickly added, “Yes Master, I do, Sir.”

“I’m glad you were honest with me baby-girl, I’m not mad at you, I just wish you would tell me about these things so I would know, okay?” He put his hand under my chin lifting my gaze to meet his, a smile and a twinkle in his eyes. I knew he would be pleased with the new toys I just hadn’t known how to tell him that I’d bought them.

“Yes Sir, I will try and remember to tell you in future Sir, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before now.” My voice had just about enough guilt in it to make it passable though it was hard to keep my excitement out of it too. He wasn’t Onwin mad, and the twinkle in his eye meant we would be trying them, I was sure of it.

“Go to the cupboard in our bedroom and retrieve the toy box as well as the box from the post office, I haven’t as yet opened it my sweet. I thought we could open it together and find out what surprises it holds pet.”

“Yes Master.” I scurried off and retrieved both boxes as was required trying not to get too excited though my pussy obviously wasn’t in on the plan, it was already soaking wet in anticipation. I placed both boxes on the coffee table and knelt once more by his feet, nuzzling in to his knee. His hand appeared gently stoking my hair in a comforting gesture, making me purr.

He reached for the new unopened box and slowly started to open it. I started to wriggle in anticipation knowing what the box held. My pussy was so wet that I believed that one touch from Master could send me over the edge, and somehow I wished that He would though I knew that it was most likely that I would have to wait.

He smiled and gently ruffled my hair when he examined the contents of the box. We had often discussed nipple clamps in the past, and I had got up some courage and bought some for us to try. The second item however made Master laugh that good-natured laugh of his. “Scared that if we play too much you wont be able to keep quiet eh princess?”

I had enough sense and embarrassment to look at my feet and mumble, “Something like that Sir.”

There was a sparkle in his eyes that almost made me feel naked. He was already away imaging my wriggling and discomfort under his many ministrations, which would be evident by the end of our time of sanctuary. We had both agreed that we would spend the time together only going out for the necessities.

“Well I think it is time for some fun little one wouldn’t you say?” He had picked up his cup and was drinking his tea as he said it. Any hint of weariness in his voice was completely gone, and his authority resonated through me like a knife, and it brought me so close to the edge I wanted to scream.

“Stand up little one, now.” His voice left no room for disagreement so I had to stand and so I did, on slightly shaky legs. My clit throbbed continuously begging for attention that I so disparately wanted to give it but I had learned my lesson on that one, I’d get it in good time.


I was shocked for a moment, the order had caught me off guard so I stalled just a moment, long enough for a look of displeasure to cross his face. I quickly jumped into action removing the few clothes I had been wearing. It took me less than a minute to de-robe. I only had a skirt, shoes, a top and a bra to remove.

The smile had returned by the time I looked back into his face. He had enjoyed my show and was now admiring my body, which caused me to turn a deep red. I was more than aware that my pussy was soaking wet, and that my thighs also glistened with my juices.

He ran his hands over me but avoiding all of my hot spots. If I hadn’t been prepared for this I would have been throwing a tantrum of frustration. I had not been allowed to play since my punishment, and that alone had caused me much trouble.

He reached into the box of toys and retrieved my cuffs, all four of them. I smiled inwardly, biting my lip to keep from making too much noise. He affixed the cuffs to each of my wrists and then my ankles. I sighed happily as the locks clicked home, even the cool air wasn’t bothering me any more. I was home; I was safe.

“To Onwin Giriş the bedroom, girl, time to test your abilities I think, a little time on your own should do you good.” My face fell at these words. I had been alone all week I didn’t want more alone time, but what choice did I really have. He walked closely behind me, the toy box firmly in his grasp.

“Lie down on your back, arms and legs out, be a good girl tonight and you shall be rewarded well.” I did as I was told very hastily getting into position for him. He then tied my arms and legs firmly to the bedposts spreading me wide, I felt my muscles stretch and tense under the pressure. He then slipped the newly acquired gag into my mouth and tightened it behind my head. A blindfold was then placed over my eyes and I tensed still further, now I could not really object or know what was going on around me.

I felt his hands on my body once more stroking me reassuring me, making me aware of his presence even although I couldn’t see him. I heard his footsteps retreat slightly then he was back by my side. “Well girl you are not the only one who has invested in some new toys, I have some myself, but I think all of them together will add to a delicious sensation for you.”

He began teasing my nipples and they quickly became hard in the cool air along with the ministrations to them. The heat he was causing in my breast was shooting to my already engorged clit. I gasped and sighed around my gag, almost whimpering when he pulled roughly on my sensitive tits. Then all of a sudden I felt the biting of the clamps as they took hold of first my right nipple then the left. It brought tears to my eyes and I tried to take deep breaths around the gag, waiting for the initial pain to subside.

He gently stroked my face until I had calmed myself somewhat. Then he stroked down over my stomach towards my very wet pussy bust stopped short of my slit. I wanted to cry and scream and beg but the gag prevented that. Then suddenly he was pulling my pussy lips apart and I almost screamed as the air hit my clit, it was so intense, I just needed one touch just one, and I could gain that long awaited release.

As if he could read my thoughts, he commented, “You know you can’t cum pet, until I tell you that it is ok, just keep that in mind ok?”

I nodded blindly, my mind racing, I wanted to cum so bad but I couldn’t without permission, but part of me was unsure I’d actually be able to follow that instruction. I fought my urges as another new sensation assaulted my body. It was like teeth biting into my pussy lips; Master was putting some sort of clamps on my lips, then it hit me clothes pegs. He was putting more than one on each side though for the moment I could not work out how many.

My lips were roughly pulled open, then I heard the distinct sound of tape being pulled from the roll, about 5 seconds before the pegs were stuck down to my thigh holding my lips wide open. This was done to both sides and I felt the pain of it shoot through me and make me squirm.

My pussy was dripping further even though my body was racked with pain. An irony hit me in that moment, it was really true that pain and pleasure were only separated by definition. He began stroking my clit, which despite all the sensations of pain in my body was full of blood and throbbing. I didn’t think that I could hold out on his ministrations to my poor pussy. I was so horny.

“You are such a good girl little one I’m so proud of you, you know that?” The disembodied voice floated to my ears and I nodded my head Onwin Güncel Giriş vigorously to show how much I appreciated his words.

“I have one last little test for you baby-girl. I am going to put your favourite toy in your pussy and another on your clit. I am then going to leave you for maybe 10 minutes or maybe an hour. If you can control yourself for that time you will be rewarded ten fold.”

I gasped as the vibrator was pushed into my pussy and the second attached to my very distended clit. I did not move but bit down on the gag as hard as I could as both toys were turned on, though thankfully the settings were kept low, for the moment at least.

I heard the door slam shut and I thanked the god shining down on me. I could not go over the edge with these levels. The time passed slowly, more so because I had no idea how long I’d be left and my inability to tell how long had passed.

After what seemed like an eternity to me the door opened and I heard his familiar footstep were coming towards me. I relaxed my muscles as the vibrations ceased. I hadn’t realised I was so tense until that moment when I suddenly could relax.

“You definitely are a good girl angel.” His voice was kind and soothing. “I am going to remove the pegs from your pussy baby, first the tape then the pegs themselves. It will hurt princess but the hurt will stop soon I promise.” He stopped his hands hovering for a moment. “Would you like your blindfold off? I will leave the gag as it will help control the noise from your pain ok?”

I nodded agreeing to both statements. The blindfold was duly removed and my eyes slammed shut with the sudden light. Quickly they adjusted and I looked up at Master and his eyes were shining with love. I knew that I must remain still as he did what he had to do so I held my breath.
He tore the tape quickly from my thighs, both at the same time, which made the pain less somehow. It was like my brain reached its limit so it didn’t hurt as much as if they had been done separately. Next came the pegs and the pain from those was almost surreal, the pain of the blood returning was worse than the bite of the pegs, I almost begged Master to leave them and the clamps on me. I could not however, and just pulled against my bonds moaning into the gag as the pain surged through me, causing discomfort and further arousal simultaneously.

He watched my face contort in pain and the tears stream down my face. His loving smile made me try to smile in return though that was difficult and just made saliva run down my chin. “You are my good girl and we are almost done now.” He removed the clamps from my nipples and began to gently massage them as the blood began to run back into them also. The pain was not so intense this time.

The tears continued to role as Master finally removed my gag and leant in close to kiss me. I felt washed out but on the brink also. “How are you feeling princess?” His voice was tender as he viewed my swollen lips and nipple, on my still spread form.

I croaked a little until I finally found my voice. “I’m fine Sir, just a little sore, and very horny.” The last part of my statement made me blush deeply but I was beyond being embarrassed by it, I just wanted some relief.

“What does my little girl really want?”

“I want to cum Sir.”

“Yes, well that was obvious,” his voice was not angry merely humorous. “I want you to tell me exactly what you want to happen to you, and if you tell me nicely it might actually happen for you.”

I gulped down air and thought for a moment, trying to put my deepest wishes into words. “Well Sir, I would like you to lick my clit and then finger my hole, Sir.” I smiled coyly. “Then I would like very much if Master would do me the honour of using me.”

He smiled down at me, you shall have your wish my pet.

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