It’s Never Too Early

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Cassie woke as she felt Zach’s hand on the small of her back, his fingers moving in slow insistent circles. One look at the clock told her it was 5.30am, she didn’t have to get up for another hour yet. She rolled from her belly to her side so her back was to him and in a second he was up against her, spooning his warm body into hers.

Zach’s cock prodded her bottom and she wriggled encouragingly. He snaked his arm around her, cupping the soft malleable underside of her breast, his fingers fondling her flesh. Her nipples hardened in anticipation.

“Morning you,” he said hoarsely, kissing the side of her neck.

Cassie tipped her head up exposing her neck and shoulder. He took the hint and kissed her again, nuzzling her sleep-warmed skin.

“You smell good,” he groaned, his hips flexing gently into her bottom.

She grinned, “Morning to you too. Why am I awake so early? It’s still dark.”

Zach tightened his grip on her breast and grabbed at her nipple, trapping the fleshy nub between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed hard and a stabbing ache filled her belly, drilling into her cunt. She gasped and held her breath, waiting.

“Because I woke up and wanted you,” he murmured biting down on her shoulder, dragging his teeth over her skin.

Cassie moaned softly at the sensation and put her hand back on his arse, pulling him tight in to her. Zach didn’t let up the pressure on her breast, he increased it, twisting her nipple as she whimpered, biting her bottom lip. He knew she liked it, liked it when he did this to her but he was also conscious he didn’t want to hurt her. It didn’t seem to matter how often she told him that the pressure, the stinging pain and the bolts that shot through her body were what she wanted, he was always hesitant to go too far.

In response to his assault on her sensitive nipples Cassie felt her pussy swelling and pouting. The desire to be taken, owned and sent into oblivion was beginning to take hold.

“I want to fuck you my lover and you’re going to be very happy I did,” he growled as he released her nipple and slid his hand up to encircle her throat, “aren’t you?”

Cassie hissed as the pain in her nipple flared around her areola. She nodded soundlessly as she parted her thighs, lifting her leg to rest over Zach’s. Her pussy gaped and warm juices oozed out around her delicate folds. Unable to resist, she moved her hand to touch herself, slipping her fingers over her blossoming lips, tasting herself. Warm, sticky and a little tangy, her mouth watered and she shivered.

Zach shifted behind her, his hand tightened around her throat and he pulled her head back.

“You’re wet already!” almanbahis şikayet he murmured appreciatively.

His cock, now hard and thick, was between her thighs and he rocked his hips back and forth, dragging his firm rod through her dribbling pussy.

Zach shifted his hand from her throat, his fingertips lightly dancing down the midline of her belly. Cassie arched her back as his palm settled over her mons and his fingers slipped between her bulging swollen labia. He flicked his fingers back and forth over her slippery sex, circling her clit, pressing his fingertips gently inside her. The sounds of her sodden kitty made her feel dirty, wanton and sexy.

“Such a good girl. You’re my very good girl aren’t you?” He whispered in her ear.

Cassie purred as his warm breath fell over her neck and she longed to kiss him, to feel his lips on hers. They’d played this game, or variations of it for months now since moving in together. She trembled uncontrollably.

“Yes baby, I’m yours and you’re mine,” she groaned.

“That’s the right answer. Well done.”

In a rush she was bundled over onto her belly and Cassie squealed as Zach straddled her thighs, pressing them firmly together with his own. She felt the smooth, taut head of his cock against her pussy and with a grunt he was inside her. She whimpered as he stretched her expectant sex, expanding the walls of her cunt wide enough to accommodate his girth. He pushed her shoulders down into the mattress, leaning his full weight onto her.

“This is where my cock belongs Cassie. Just here, inside you, doesn’t it?”

Zach was fucking her steadily, his cock easily slipping in and out of her welcoming, warm quim. Cassie tried to utter a response but was barely able to speak as he thrust up into her, the top of his cock massaging the front wall of her cunt before moving deeper to caress her cervix. She could feel her orgasm building steadily; a gentle quiver ran over her skin, her thighs were tensing in time with his thrusts, her belly was drawing in, her pussy gripping his shaft, engulfing him, trying to hold him inside her.

She lifted her hips off the bed as far as she could, her back arching uncomfortably so he could drive deeper into her. She heard him murmuring his approval as her bottom lifted. She knew he’d be able to see her dark crack and she liked it, though it didn’t stop her blushing. For all the enjoyment he gave her and the pleasures that his explorations of her rear end gave them both, she was still taken aback when he played with her.

She felt his thumb slip between the round pale globes of her bottom. She trembled as he pressed firmly against her opening, pulling almanbahis canlı casino back as her tight ring acquiesced to his intrusion. He persisted in doing this, pushing against her, then pulling back. All the while Cassie was hoping he’d not enter her or rather hoped he would! She was always conflicted about how good it felt. As if he could read her mind, Zach pressed his thumb against her dark bud again but didn’t pull back this time. With a deep heavy sigh he thrust into her and Cassie cried out, burying her face into the mattress to hide her delight and embarrassment.

“That’s a good little slut. You like that don’t you?” Zach snarled.

Zach turned his thumb inside her, feeling his cock moving inside her pussy. Cassie wanted to come; she was so close now.

“Stay there, just like that,” he demanded.

Cassie kept her hips up as Zach pulled his cock from her pussy and his thumb from her bottom. Cassie cried out in complaint before holding her breath as she felt the wet tip of his cock moving over her crack before dipping back into her pussy.

“Zach, no, please…” she whispered.

“What do you mean “no” Cassie? Do you mean no to this?”

In one swift violent movement Zach thrust his turgid cock into her rear, pushing all the way in until he was ball deep inside her backside. He groaned and tipped his head back as her tight ring clutched and grabbed at his punishing weapon.

“Zach! No, no, no, fuck, no,” she cried out, smothering her cries of anguish. There was the initial searing, splitting, shooting pain that within seconds all but disappeared, replaced with a deep, dark, illicit pleasure.

Cassie lifted herself up off the bed, leaning on her elbows, pushing her hips back to meet Zach’s thrusts. Her fingers grasped at the sheets under her and she turned her head to look at her sexy lover.

“You like that don’t you my dirty slut?” Zach said gruffly.

Cassie could feel his cock, slippery with her copious juices, gliding effortlessly in and out of her arse. He slid into her, as deep as he could, his belly pressed into her rear as he lay over her back, stroking her hair gently from her face. He turned her chin to him and kissed her softly, his tongue teasing her mouth, his teeth grazing her lips.

“You are my dirty slut aren’t you?” He whispered.

She grinned, “Yes baby I am,” she said quietly, “I’m your dirty slut, your whore, your bitch.”

He grinned as well and kissed her again. He sat back and gripped her hips, fucking her vigorously. Cassie could feel her pussy clutching as Zach battered her arse, his cock filling her, stretching her, the thin membrane between her pussy and almanbahis casino arse, no match for the bulbous thrusting head that was driving down into the front wall of her cunt. She took hold of the bed head and cried out, coming hard as her cunt contracted, her juices gushing out of her, pooling under her and wetting her thighs.

Zach cried out too as her anus tightened around his shaft, as her pussy shuddered against his sheltering cock. He waited while she instinctively bucked her hips towards him, gasping, calling his name, swearing and stammering in her wild delirium.

As she stilled, panting under him, he drew his cock back, watching it pulling her tight rubbery ring open. He longed to sweep his tongue around the delicate star, tease and provoke her into begging him to fuck her arse. And she would beg him, she often did. She would blush and hesitate, sometimes whispering into his ear quietly, other times finding her inner whore and demanding he take her arse hard. This morning he wanted what he wanted and it was her, his Cassie, his sexual equal, his muse.

Zach heard Cassie whimpering and felt the indiscriminate twitches of her anus around his driving cock again.

“Are you going to come again my filthy bint?” He said hoarsely.

Cassie groaned, “Yes…oh…yes Zach, fuck me baby. Please? Fuck me hard.” She dipped her forehead to the mattress and trembled under him.

Zach grabbed a handful of her curly hair, gripping it firmly in his fist. She gasped and he heard her utter, ‘yes oh yes Zach.’

He longed to see her face as she came, wanted to see that journey she took so easily each time they fucked and made love. He would watch her intently as he drove her to the edge of her climax. She would sometimes smile in delight as the waves rolled through her full curvy body. At other times she’d seemingly be in agony, her face contorted as she writhed and bucked under him. Sometimes she’d cry and cling to him. Each time they were together he’d find a mark on him, a scratch here, a bruise or bite there. His skin was the canvas for her loving and every time he saw a mark on him was a thrill.

“Do you want me to come inside you?” He hissed, slowing his strokes as he felt the telltale tightening within his balls, signalling his own impending climax.

Cassie could feel his cock thicken slightly, harden, bulge inside her and she knew he was close.

“Come inside me Zach,” she gasped.

With a guttural moan Zach thrust into her, battering her arse relentlessly. In moments Cassie was coming again just as Zach cried out, “Oh Cassie, fuck yes.”

He leaned into her, his cock spurting over and over as he shuddered and trembled, his fingertips digging harshly into her round soft bottom. She’d be bruised later and he’d kiss the small purple blemishes tonight and he’d fuck her again and again, each time adding to the marks of ownership he’d bestowed upon her. And she’d love him. Again and again.

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