GB Club Ch. 02

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GB Club, Part 2 – Arlene’s Initiation

We arrived back in the San Francisco Bay Area late Sunday night. Irene already had a message from Nancy and Arlene asking for details. Irene originally suggested a Friday happy hour to discuss what happened but the women could not wait. We would get together on Wednesday to share what happened.

We met at Irene’s apartment and ordered pizza. Irene had their rapt attention as she replayed our experiences. How the club was run. The class and style of the people we had met directly. Arlene finally asked Irene if she would do it again.

“Well, Sharon asked me that right after I was done. I said yes then.” Everyone breathes a quick breath. “Then, I decided to just try and forget about it. I’ve really only had two days to recover. My privates are still sore and I have to catch up on work. I was going to give myself a week or more to forget and then revisit the idea.”

“OK, that’s fine and I respect that,” questions Joan, “But what are you thinking now?”

“I plan to do it again. It is an event I will not forget in my lifetime. And, they came through on the money. I got $24,500 wired into my account yesterday. I only thought I’d get $10,000 for the initiation but they also paid bonuses for the bareback penetrations and letting the guys spooge in me.” Irene concludes. “What do you think? Are you interested in trying?”

“I would. It sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. As long as they are as nice and stylish as you say I’d feel safe and ready to let myself go.” Joan answers. Irene polls the rest of the group. Cory goes first, nodding her head yes but looking forlorn. We keep her secret that she already had tried to join to ourselves.

“I’d do it.” Nancy says, “But I don’t have an invitation. Did you ask anyone about how to get invited? Can you invite people?” Nancy asks Irene.

“A woman can’t invite other women in.” Irene responds, “But a woman can bring along a guest. A male is assured but you can also bring along female guests if they have passed the doctor’s screening and they have room to let them participate.”

“What does that mean? Room to participate?” Arlene asks.

“That they can fit into the scene, not bump an existing member, etc. I don’t think the invite is guaranteed. I imagine if you perform well they will let you try to be initiated?” Irene surmises.

After an awkward silence the group starts to discuss next steps. What they know is Irene is a full-member and Arlene has an invite. Nancy, Joan and Cory are interested in joining but must get permission to attend an event Irene or Arlene participates in. With the objective to get more people involved Irene boots up her PC and we scroll through the scenes. They are subdivided into many categories. This leads to a lively discussion about anal sex, lesbianism, exhibitionism, BDSM and rape fantasy. The sense of security and anonymity given by the club leads these women to express desires I never imagined they had.

“Well, what do we do? If we are going to get anywhere either Irene needs to pick another session or Arlene needs to join?” Joan observes.

“I’ll do it.” Arlene quickly replies. “Might as well join and see what happens.” She looks at me; “You’ll go won’t you?” I nod in agreement. The group quickly reminds her that she should try to get somebody else in. We agree it is hard to tell if that is possible until we learn of Arlene’s options.

Arlene calls the club that night and gets the same questionnaire and instructions Irene had. She filled it in and we waited patiently. Within a week a package arrived for her with log on instructions, etc. Irene and I met her at her desk as she followed the instructions. She registered and was greeted with e-mail.


We do not currently have any sessions that we would normally assign for initiation. However, we understand from your original referral that you have had some experience with both public and multiple partner sex at the Erotic Exotic Ball. A scenario is currently being planned that we thought we would offer you.

On your form you indicated an interest and prior experience with female-to-female sex. That would be required for this session. Could you confirm you have had prior lesbian experiences and are comfortable having sex with females as part of your first session. You are under no obligation to take this offer. Unfortunately, we must follow our rules. If you cannot perform in your initiative your invitation will be revoked. Please think carefully about your sexual limits and desires. If you are comfortable we will send you more details.


The Gang Bang Club

Irene and Arlene take a moment before Arlene types back the following reply:

Dear Club,

I am interested in the scenario. My prior experience was after the ball. On the ride back home we had a session in the limousine. In that a girl friend of mine was giving head to a guy. I had always been curious so I decided to lick her gaziantep bayan escort while she gave him head. I did enjoy it.



After passing a quick smile to Irene, Arlene logged off and went back to work. It was several days before Arlene called us over to her desk. A new message was in and referenced her to the following scenario.


One of the most erotic fantasies a man has is watching two women make love.

The visual turn on for men is tremendous. This event capitalizes on a man’s visual stimulation while ensuring our females pleasure through long sensual oral pleasure that only one woman can give another.

The event will take place on a circular stage. We will have a specially designed chair positioned near the middle. Each participant will take one turn in the chair. The legs have been designed to allow you to spread your legs as wide as you desire. The chair reclines back at a forty-five degree angle. As you lay back a cock will be readily available for you to suck and fondle. With your permission the gentleman can also play with your breasts. You will man this station through five men whose turn will terminate after six minutes of play or after they ejaculate.

In front of the chair we will have built a small stand for the other female participant to rest her chest and arms on. Each participant will also take one turn at this station. In this position your head will be above the open legs of the female in the chair. Lick and please her to your hearts content for as long as your session lasts. As you concentrate on her pleasure your back will be open to the gentleman that await you. You will man this station through five men whose turn will terminate after five minutes of penetration or after they ejaculate.

In these positions your male partners will have unobstructed views of your oral sex. In addition the platform will rotate similar to a theatre in the round. Every man in attendance will be able to watch you either being orally pleased or orally pleasing your female partner while enjoying a man. While you enjoy another woman you can also feel the stimulation and power you have over the men. If interested please hit yes.


Gang Bang Club

Arlene and Irene discuss the fantasy. Irene is not yet ready for female contact although she did enjoy Arlene’s tongue the night of the ball. Arlene queries me about how women taste. And how they compare to Irene since that is the only woman she has tasted.

She decides that she is in. The only open item is can she get somebody else from the group invited to join. She replies yes to the fantasy and sends a letter back asking for permission to bring both a male and female guest. Irene has decided she will participate.

Weeks pass before Arlene catches me in the hallway. The event is on for next weekend. We will leave mid day Saturday for Los Angeles. We decide to pass on the multiple days since we are familiar with the area. No mention is made of who else is coming.

The car picks me up at my house. I open the back door and climb in. Arlene is stunning in a pink and white spring dress. Small spaghetti straps trace little white lines over her tanned shoulders. Her legs are crossed with the dress sitting bunched in her lap. A good three fourths of her silky smooth upper thigh is showing. The dress clings to her midsection before blooming out over her breasts. Her nipples are hard and poking at the thin fabric. We kiss quickly as I settle into my seat. We say little as we make our way to the airport.

The flight down is short and uneventful. A car picks us up at the airport and takes us into Hollywood and onto a sound stage. We enter and are greeted by another wonderful looking hostess. She explains that the stage has been rented for the day. The set will be locked once the event starts and nobody will be let in. We are escorted back to a waiting area. The hostess lets us know they are waiting for one other person in our group before previewing the event for us.

“Was this what it was like before?” Arlene asks.

“Yes, they gave us a grand tour before things got going.” I reply.

“What was the waiting like?” Arlene continues. I wonder how she is doing.

“We didn’t wait long. The hostess offered Irene the first slot and she took it. Before we had settled in Irene stripped and made her way to the table. Cory and I waited and watched on TV.” I respond.

“Cory was there?” Arlene goes on. I explain all that happened, leaving out how we satisfied Cory at the very end. “How do you think Irene felt before going on? How did you feel? You did it to?”

“Irene mentioned she was very nervous. Almost to the point she didn’t enjoy the start of it. I kind of felt the same. I wasn’t sure I was going then got talked into it. It was probably better that way.” I respond. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m really nervous now. Before I’ve always had a little to drink and had time to get in the mood. I know I was this morning. I didn’t even wear any underwear today. And, on the plane I was getting so horny I thought I might soil my dress. I pulled the fabric back so my ass sat on the seat. But now, I’m a little nervous. Mostly about the female pussy part.” Arlene was about to continue when the door opened.

“We have your other guest. I’ll be back in a minute to show you around.” The hostess said.

In the doorway smiling was Joan. “Happy to see me?” She said. I answered surprised but definitely happy as I gave her a big hug. “Irene had to cancel at the last minute and called Arlene. I just showered and caught the flight this afternoon.” I asked if she knew the scene. “I do and you’re right. I am not sure I am ready to give oral to a lady. We talked to the club on the phone. They said I would only need to receive from Arlene since I am a guest. I think I can do that.”

The hostess came back before we could talk anymore and led us on the tour. A short fifty-foot walk took us to the door of a building within the building. She opened us and escorted us down a lit passage to an interior door thirty feet into this structure. The hostess opens the door and we walk out onto a three-foot wide circular pathway.

“During the session the only light will be on the center of the stage. We have it lit now as we get ready and to show you what is surrounding you. The men will be seated in the stands behind and around us.” We look around at benches roughly ten rows deep and surrounding the stage. “Of course, we will have other invited guests observing as well. There will generally be two to three hundred people watching.”

“How many guys are there?” Joan asks.

“250” replies the hostess. “All naked and all waiting for a turn if they want one.”

“250 naked cocks waiting. Yum!” Joan grins.

“Oh, I hope you are that excited when it starts. If you want to have some more mental fun while you wait, the men are all here and waiting behind that door!” She says pointing to the far wall. “They will draw numbers and come down as called either for a blow job or to fuck you.” She leads us around the circle and back to where we first came in.

“We will draw a lottery to determine when your turn will come. When your time is here we will lead you to the door and out to this point. As you enter you will make a lap around the arena. A spotlight will follow you. Wave and show off for the crowd. You are what they are here for. Once done take this steps up to the performance area.” With that we all walk up.

“Come around the left side of the chair and the host will help you into position.” We look at the contraption that has been built. The chair and kneeling area are as described. Above the chair is a mesh platform. “That is where the men may recline if they like. If you are giving the blowjob the men can stand next to you, kneel above you or rest on this platform. On the platform they get to watch the licking going on below and fondle your breasts if you like. This proves very popular but for most men the stimulation is too much and they cum quickly.”

She shows us to the kneeling station where the women will have intercourse. It is self-explanatory. After you are done you can chose to take a victory lap or simply exit back through the door you used to enter the arena. You will be guided back to your room. Let’s head back and I’ll answer any of your questions.

“Can the men cum anywhere they want? For example, do I have to swallow?” Arlene asks. The hostess explains that the women are in control. The men will tell you before they cum. If you are giving them oral simply keep their cock in your mouth if you want. Or you can point them where you want the spray to go. When you are getting screwed it is a little harder. Unless you have signed up for a ‘sloppy’ session only the last guy can cum in you. He will tap you on the butt when he is about to release. If you raise your left hand he will pull out.

“How will Joan and I be paired together?” Arlene asks.

“Since Joan’s role will be for you to lick her we will place her in the chair after your turn. That way you can start on her.” The hostess responds.

“Start on her? I thought I’d only have to do her?” Arlene questions.

“That could be difficult. We can’t guarantee that you will not need to taste another woman. That should have been clear in the response.” The hostess responds. Arlene’s look of puzzlement makes it clear she was not prepared for this. The hostess continues, “Well, once things get going the women don’t change in pairs. Remember, you keep your position until five men have passed their time limit or have climaxed. So, the lady above could finish before or after the lady below. So, we can either start by having Arlene out first and slot Joan in as the next blower. Or, have Joan go out and let Arlene follow. In either case, you will probably have two female partners. Is that OK?” The hostess asks.

Arlene hesitates slightly before answering. “That’s OK. How about I start with Joan.”

“How do I play?” I ask.

“Well, we can either let you have a random shot or pair you with these two. What is your preference?” I begin to answer but the hostess informs me it is for the ladies to answer. They request I service them but that where in the order I am can be a mystery. The hostess makes a phone call and responds with a plan.

“OK, we will rotate Joan at or close to Arlene’s slot when the lady on the floor is almost done. Joan will service the gentleman orally at that time. Arlene, since you start on the floor vs. the chair you will need to draw another slot for that. We will work it in.

With that said we are back in our room. We are in the third wave of performers. The show should start in about a half-hour. Giving the people before us roughly a half-hour each we should be on in one and a half-hours.

We watch TV for the first half-hour until we hear the creaking of the stands filling. Flipping the channel we find the close caption for tonight. We watch excitedly as the first lady is led out. A tall skinny red head is helped into the seat. The camera zooms in on a cock positioned next to her. The red heads lips part and nibble at the tip of his cock. Within ten seconds she has the shaft in her mouth. The camera pans back to the entrance doorway. A beautiful beach blonde is led in. She is tight and stacked and flaunts herself for an appreciative crowd.

She mounts the steps and kneels down in front of the red head. The camera focuses on her face. In the distance we see a man approaching. We watch the blonde finger the red head’s cunt. The camera zooms in tight. The pubic hair is bright red and striking against her milky white skin. The vagina is vibrantly pink. The blonde fingers her softly before leaning forward and licking her labia with long, luscious licks. The blonde tenses and then relaxes. Presumably the man has entered her. The camera pans back to show the whole scene.

The temperature in our room seems hotter. I unbutton the top of my shirt as we continue to watch. Within a several minutes both men cum and are replaced. The tongue-lashing of the red head’s pussy continues unabated. She undulates in ecstasy in the chair.

“Can you do this?” Joan asks Arlene. She says she thinks so. She just hopes the pussy she gets smells good. They ask my opinion on this and I repeat that they all smell different. But to me, they all smell good. The first session is now halfway done. The red head has serviced three men while the blonde is just wrapping up number two. I come up with an idea.

“Arlene, you know you will spend most of your time with Joan. Why don’t you see how you like her now?” They protest that the rules forbid early contact. “Not contact, but you can get use to the smell. Just place your nose near her and get used to her scent.”

Arlene bends and tries to sniff her through her skirt and panties. Knowing that is not going to work Joan stands up and reaches under her skirt and pulls down her panties. I catch only a brief glimpse of her pubis as she snaps the panties over her ankles and flings them onto a nearby chair. She walks over to where Arlene is seated, pulls up her skirt and lets Arlene sniff her. Arlene decides she can do this.

Joan is also curious about how a woman smells. To my pleasure Arlene pulls back her skirt, unveiling her pussy. She dips two fingers into her hole and holds them out to Joan. She smells them. She complements Arlene saying she smells better than she does. But Joan is not sure she could lick another woman.

The action on the screen has progressed. The red head is gone and had been replaced by a beautiful blonde. She writhes on the chair as a nice Asian lady lick deep within her hole. The camera pans in and I am delighted to see the blonde is Sharon from the first gangbang. Her body is still as golden and toned as before. Her nipples stand erect on her round breasts. I watch her tug at them as it looks like she orgasms. I focus intently on her as she sucks cum out of the cock in her mouth. Not a drop drips out.

Joan encourages Arlene as the time draws near. Letting her know that she only expects her to do what she is comfortable doing. If she doesn’t enjoy it she should not worry about it or trying please Joan. Sharon is done and moves to the floor position. A gorgeous petite Asian takes her place. I watch three cocks take their turn in her. The first two are average sized white cocks. I cringe as the third arrives.

I watch as a large black cock position itself outside her already well used hole. The first stroke gets the head and first inch in. The second gets a full six inches in. The third gets what must be ten inches of meat into her. She seems to brace herself as this monster pounds away at her. I am transfixed on the TV watching this cute blonde getting pounded when the door opens.

“Time to go!” Says a cheery hostess. We start to leave. “You need to disrobe first. We do not have anywhere for you to store your clothes. And, you are going to need to clean up afterwards anyway.”

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