Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 77

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 70). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 77 – Making Porn. A New Couple


My meetings with the Swedish Prime Minister went exceptionally well. We were seeking tax breaks provisional on creating two thousand skilled jobs in the country by the year 2020. I think everyone got what they were looking for from our meetings. It was a pleasant win-win for both sides. I also felt appropriately wined and dined, along with my Chief of Staff, Sheila Arden. In addition to our various meetings, there was a half-hour of nothing but photograph taking by various media and the court’s designated photographer.

Sheila and I had been able to find a little time to walk around Stockholm, and for her to do some gift shopping for her sisters and our other close friends. She inspired me and I also picked up something for all of my favorite women, even moving beyond my ‘wives’ to the others who hung around with us frequently. Elsa was right; I really was a lover. On Wednesday mid-day we flew back to Copenhagen, and that was when the fun began.

Sheila and I connected with Brita about three o’clock at Danskpharma, her offices. Sheila had not seen the facility, and so we got a one-hour tour of the laboratories and production operation. As part owner of the company, I was glad to see first-hand how things were moving along.

While we walked around, Brita told us as much as she knew regarding the four wanna-be porn stars, plus Wes and Scott. She’d briefly talked to Juul that morning. He said they’d done some screen tests the day we arrived, and then worked with them about several different plot lines they wanted to film. About all he’d said was that they’d gotten two days of shooting completed and had a lot more to do. He did report that everyone seemed happy and enthused about the projects.

Brita had arranged dinner that night for the six of them, plus Juul, Rolfe, Nils, Sheila, and me. The twelve of us were going to dine at another fish house restaurant that I hadn’t tried before. We headed over there about five thirty and found we had a private dining room set aside. The six of our film stars had just arrived as well. We stood around for over an hour having cocktails and talking.

Felicia and Monica launched themselves into my arms with nothing but praise and appreciation, and then extended that to Brita for setting them up with Rolfe and Juul. They were truly ecstatic about the filming and this opportunity they’d been afforded to make some of their fantasies come true. The bubbled over about how much fun they were having, and admitted to having already fucked their way through a large number of male porn stars in addition to their boyfriends. Wes and Scott just rolled their eyes; they were considered their boyfriends based on what was said. Neither Anna nor Vanessa seemed to care about that moniker. They had become the fiancées of the two men on Valentine’s Day.

Vanessa and Anna were equally effusive, but they’d been in this situation before, so knew what filming adult videos would be like. They were old hands, but they did express appreciation, and even commented on some of the differences between American and Danish directing, acting methods, and filming styles.

After we’d settled down in the restaurant at our table, I asked Wes what he’d thought of the shooting. He laughed and replied, “I’ve seen Vanessa fuck other guys, but this was over the top. The thing you should realize is that Rolfe and Juul use all available resources, consequently Scott and I have been enlisted several times to add our masculinity to some of the sex scenes. Of course, the two of them are in there fucking our fiancées and friends too. It’s really hot.”

“And you handled that well? I mean being on film – part of the sex scenes … watching your future wives get fucked.”

Wes nonchalantly said, “Oh, yeah. By the time we were asked, Scott and I were about ready to pop in our pants. We’d watched Van and Anna fuck four guys and we were about to tear our blue jeans apart to get at our cocks. I was going to ask one of the girls to blow me, but that didn’t turn out to be necessary. That first time I ended up fucking Felicia while Scott did Monica. Needless to say we didn’t last long. We filled them up with our cum too, and Juul went into his own orgasms as he filmed the spunk draining out of them.”

I laughed. “So, you’re not only Ankara escort in the aviation business, you’re also porn stars.”

Wes smiled, “I guess. We did have fun. That was Monday morning. We’ve been in a lot of scenes since. Rolfe explained that we have nice generic cocks. If he starts a scene with one of his pros, but the guy pops off, he needs a similar cock and body to continue the scene. Scott and I each filled that bill with the two other outside actors he’d brought in. All four girls have a knack for getting the guys they’re fucking to quickly cum. The guys lose control because of how their pussies feel. I understand that completely.”

Wes said, “Tomorrow, I hope you’ll come and watch the filming. Maybe we’ll get you involved in some way. You could give one of them The Experience while it got filmed; that’d turn on about a billion people when the movie came out.”

I gave my standard noncommittal answer that to me was tantamount to saying no. “We’ll see.”

I had thought we’d have some kind of little sex party that evening, but Wes, Scott, Juul, Rolfe, Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, and Monica were all sort of fucked out from working all day fucking. They went off after dinner to sleep and get ready for Thursday’s filming. It never occurred to me that porn stars would ever be too tired to have sex, but I guess if that’s what you’ve been doing all day, you don’t have anything left to give after work hours.

The remainder of our dinner party went back to Brita’s large condominium townhouse. Nils seduced Sheila, or perhaps it was the other way around. Brita and I were able to merge our minds, bodies, and spirits together several times.

Thursday morning, Nils and Brita went off to work promising to see us that evening. Sheila and I, along with one security type, went off to the large house outside of Copenhagen where Juul and Rolfe were filming. As we got there we were surprised to see three other people: a female makeup artist going over Anna’s body with some kind of spray, a lighting man, and another cameraman. Wes had told me that both Rolfe and Juul were not only producers but also cameramen, sometimes shooting while they were fucking.

Sheila and I waved and nodded to the people we knew and then tried to stay out of the way, moving off to a corner of the home’s great room where there were a couple of tall stools. The house was high end, modern, and the artwork was splendid. There was an abundance of white in the decorating with bright colors here and there to offset the starkness. I wondered how something like that setting got chosen and accepted by the owners as a good locale for an adult film. I tried to imagine the dialog, ‘Hey, we want to film people fucking in your living room,’ ‘Oh, sure go right ahead.’ Ha!

Monica came over and explained what was happening. She was wearing a little robe that didn’t quite cover her bare pussy or ass, so she was sexy as all hell. She told us, “We’re doing all our shooting in this house, mostly living room, pool patio, and master bedroom. The pool is heated, by the way. The cameras start rolling and we do sexual things, usually at the direction of Juul; he seems to have a sense of plot and the various scenes. We’re not doing them in chronological order as they’ll appear, but occasionally we do have dialogue and that’s sometimes not in chrono order either. He’ll sort it all out in editing.”

“Are you getting the thrill out of the filming that you thought you would?”

Monica swooned, “Oh, God, yes. I’ve fucked – or been fucked, whatever – by five really hung men, and they were all wonderful. Rolfe and Juul were two of them. They’re very accomplished cocksman.”

Monica tuned to Sheila, “Hey, you ought to try doing some scenes. We have an orgy scene later this morning or this afternoon. Why don’t you appear in it in some way?”

Sheila looked shocked, “Oh, no. Errr, I wouldn’t know what to do or anything.”

A deep resonate voice from over our shoulders said, “All you need to do are sexual things and be naked. We would relish having you appear in our films. Please don’t dismiss this idea out of hand.” Rolfe smiled broadly as he joined us. The man was charming, and I could tell he could charm the pants off a snake. He took Sheila’s hand and kissed it. Before Sheila could protest he laid on a couple more compliments and a plea for her participation in his seductive Danish accent.

Sheila looked at me, I think for help, but I think I might have let her down.

I spoke, “I think that would be a splendid idea. I’d love to see you in an adult film. What a turn on for all of us. Do it, please.”

Without saying a word, I think Sheila was suddenly on a railroad track leading her train right in front of the camera while she did very sexual things with someone or someones.

Rolfe massaged Sheila’s shoulders as he talked to her. “I would be honored to be your partner when we get together to film. I promise to be gentle Ankara escort bayan and you won’t regret a second of our interactions. I am certain I can make your body sing.” While the words might have been trite, they sounded so much better and seductive with the Danish accent on them.

Sheila nodded but continued to look worried about the apparent decision that had been made by her silence. I thought about how a lot of major decisions get made by silence; we often take silence as approval.

From across the room, Juul said in a loud voice, “Quiet on the set. Filming in 3 – 2 – 1.”

We looked at the scene. Two handsome Scandinavian men had Vanessa and Anna on the sofa. They were all clothed and looked as though they’d just returned from an evening out. They were laughing and behaving like they’d had a double date. The girls sat next to each other and the men on the either side of them.

Slowly, the two couples got affectionate, with kissing and hugging. Nothing was rushed. The man with Anna started to feel her breasts through her clothing, and she obviously encouraged his advances by pushing her chest into his hand and then by helping him to place his hand on her bare breasts by pulling her blouse up. Vanessa and her date followed right along in the same way. Buttons were undone at a slow rate, a bra pushed up, and breasts were exposed and sucked on.

I chuckled to myself. The plot, if there was one, was pretty thin and transparent, but the actors and actresses were of high caliber and I knew I’d enjoy watching the whole scene unfold as the filming continued.


Linda Boyd sought me out during a kind of intermission at our little party the Friday night that Mark left for Europe with his porn movie crew.

She pulled me aside, “Elsa, you know Lucas really well I assume; I know you’ve made love many times with him; and that’s all fine. I really like him … I mean I’m falling for him in a … huge way. Has he ever said anything about me? Do you know what’s going on in that head of his? Do I have the right to be hopeful?” She gave me a wan smile.

I was on the spot. Did I divulge what might have been a confidence that Lucas had shared with me about his deepening loving feelings for Linda, or duck the question entirely? Was there a middle ground? My brain whirled up into overdrive as I tried to think of the perfect thing to say.

I visibly balked and I could see that Linda noticed. I said, “Linda, I want to tell you a lot of things – all positive, I might add – but I think I should let Lucas find his own pace and words to talk to you.” I gave her a very encouraging grin.

Linda broke into a wide smile and kissed me. “Oh, thank you. You just told me about all I needed to know for right now. I’m not trying to drive a wedge or make things awkward between you two. He talked early on when we met about how important you are to him. He loves you.”

I said cautiously, “And I love Lucas, but I have no designs on him other than what you already see. We have a great fondness for each other, and I want the best for him … and for you as well. I would hope to preserve that … as he forms … relationships he’s partial to.”

I was curious and posed to Linda; “Suppose you were to get more serious about someone, what would you like to have happen to situations such as this?” I waved my hand around at the party and the naked people strolling around. A few couples were making out in preparation for round two. Most of us were naked including Linda and me.

Linda nodded, “Good question. I would hope my new partner would be broad minded enough to want to join in such activities on a regular basis. I think that sex spices up my life. My married colleagues all complain about sexless relationships; the sizzle has left. I want something like this to keep the sizzle in the relationship. I guess if that was a show stopper for someone I was falling in love with, I’d have to reevaluate those words, but for now that’s how I feel.”

I nodded and smiled again. “Just make sure you plant that flag in the sand when the time comes. I think you’ll find your future partner a willing participant the same way you want to be. You may have to be more communicative than they are. I’m told that men have some strange tapes in their head about being the strong silent types. That means you have to pull whatever they’re feeling out of them in a gentle way, so that they think it was all their idea.”

We both laughed at the small bit of wisdom. We compared notes and both our mothers had given us the same tidbit of information about men and communication. Once in a while there were exceptions, but not often enough.

Linda said, “I wanted to start the night being really romantic with Lucas, but then Alice’s game kind of usurped my wish. I ended up with Mike. We had a good time, and I know Lucas went off with Izzy, and I know she loves him too.”

“Well, Izzy doesn’t want him Escort Ankara as a life partner either. She’s enthralled by his James Bond kind of image. You, on the other hand, have a second round that you should be finding a partner for. Why don’t you select the man who was your first choice? I see he just came out of Mark’s den where he was on the phone probably doing his security checks with the teams around the property.”

Linda turned, broke into a huge grin, and bolted across the room and into his arms. Fortunately, Lucas smiled and caught her before she knocked him over in her enthusiasm. They were kissing, and then I could see Linda holding his cock and rubbing her erect nipples against Lucas’ handsome hairy chest as they kissed again. I felt sure he was getting propositioned.

Deke wrapped his arms around me. “Hi, Elsa. I am feeling a need to be with you in a big way. I hope the feeling is mutual.”

I turned and kissed him in a passionate way. “Oh, Deke. Yes. You know I adore you and want to be loved by you.” We kissed and made out as we inched our way across part of the room to the closest sofa. We sat next to each other as we kissed. He pawed at my breasts, and I toyed with his large cock. I could feel his tube start to swell as I interested him in more sex.

I asked, “Who’d you start the evening with?”

“Alice. She’s got a hot body. I like her a lot.”

“I agree. I’ll look for her later to cleanup your residue. In the meanwhile, please leave some inside me.” I slid around on the sofa and inhaled Deke’s cock, taking most of it into my mouth and throat on my first try. I love to hear a man moan when I do something sexual to him; I derive a new sense of worth and personal satisfaction from knowing I’m using some important life skills. Deke’s fingers found my slit and vagina, and started to stroke into me – right on my G-spot, and I was on my way to more orgasms.

Deke and I spent a beautiful forty minutes together. He had learned enough about my body to know how to get me off every few minutes. I love climaxes and making love with the handsome man. I think that’s why I love all these sex parties and our crazy lifestyle so much; it’s filled with orgasms: orgasms from dedicated lovers like Deke, and orgasms from my sisters who also understand the female body, especially how to eat someone’s cum from deep inside.

Cindy and I had tapered back on the shooting practice. When push came to shove, we’d both responded with remarkable speed and accuracy, taking out Myron Tanner with one shot each to the chest. The unfortunate part of the incident was that he squeezed off a shot, probably in his death throes that ripped up my leg. I still had twinges of pain now and then.

Except for a couple of times at Deke’s shooting range we restricted our visits out at the range to shooting, and not sex, even when we were at The Meadows. Deke even admitted that he preferred it that way too. He wanted to focus on our skill development, and not have his little dick taking over his thinking processes. He admitted that while Cindy and I could multi-process, he would have had a myopic focus on the sex and our hot bodies. Even at that, he admitted he had problems.

Across the great room in an alcove that looked down towards the river I saw Lucas and Linda making love. They were so sweet together. I guess I have the matchmaker gene, because I thought how special it would be for the two of them to fall deeper in love and become a permanent couple. I wanted happiness for them.

The way they were acting together I felt sure that something great was happening between them. I hoped that Lucas was opening up to Linda about his feelings about her. I’d come to know her well in the hospital and she was a special person. She’d been married to a cop years earlier, but the marriage hadn’t lasted. I guessed that maybe she too liked the protector, James Bond image.

From across the room I saw Linda break into a huge smile and then almost launch herself through Lucas. I could tell he’d said something she liked a lot. I wondered if I’d have to call 9-1-1 because she was smothering him with kisses. He didn’t seem to mind. The presence of little baby blue box from Tiffany’s on the table next to them was hard to overlook. I like a man who can follow directions well.

I made a mental note to call our contractor Doug Reed in the morning to see if he could spring a crew over in the coming week to take out a wall between two of the apartments in the gatehouse so that Lucas and Linda would have a larger space. Even I knew the necessity of getting off by yourself part of the time.

Around midnight I found Linda and Lucas in the kitchen having some juice. Despite her age, Linda did indeed have a body to die for. She’d kept in shape and nature had blessed her with skin and breasts that had a low sag factor. She looked perky and broke into a smile as I came into the area. Around her neck that had been bare before hung a solitary diamond on a silver chain. Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friends.

I smiled at the two of them. Lucas blushed. I teased, “Have anything to share?” The answer was already obvious from the way the two were acting.

Linda nudged Lucas to say something, but with a smile a mile wide.

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