A Quarantine Tale

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“Unghh, oh god, please,” he rasped, his rigid cock visibly teetering on the precipice of orgasm.

“Not yet, baby,” she purred into his ear. “Not yet.”


It had started as a drunken quarantine conversation. Lily and Steve had been roommates for about six months. She’d moved in right before the pandemic swept through their east coast city, thinking she’d stay only a couple of months as a transition to a new place. But once the virus shut everything down, she put her plans on hold and, frankly, Lily and Steve had been enjoying each other’s company, particularly with no one else to socialize with. It was much better than spending their evenings alone.

Nothing sexual had happened between them in those six months, nor had they expected it to. But by July, they both felt more than a little sexually restless, with their somewhat steady dating lives having been interrupted for the better part of half a year. So the months of lockdown were interspersed with a handful of flirty comments here and there, but nothing beyond fun and innocent, if a little suggestive, banter. They both welcomed the diversion. After all, they were attractive 20-somethings who needed something to help them pass the time.

Whatever the lead-up, none of the comments that came before prepared them for Steve to blurt out—while they were in the middle of their second bottle of wine—”I don’t think I’ve gone this long without sex since I was in high school.”

Lily was taken aback, but not offended. She and Steve shared a good rapport, and four months of near-lockdown had led them to be pretty comfortable with one another.

“I know,” Lily responded, her head buzzing with the swimming feeling brought on by the merlot. “You don’t realize how much you miss that physical contact until it’s gone for a while.”

Steve gave Lily a knowing glance from his place on the couch. “Well, from what I can hear from my room, you’re not missing out entirely,” he said coyly. Lily’s face flushed slightly, more in arousal than embarrassment.

Lily chuckled, “but it’s not the same. I’m sure you feel the same way,” she winked.

“It’s really unbelievable,” Steve said. “Taking care of myself barely takes the edge off anymore. I’m so horny all the time, that it’s like I could get off without even touching it.”

“Is that a challenge?” Lily said, trying her best to look firmly and sexily into Steve’s eyes. She only realized after the words left her mouth what a risky phrase it was to say to a roommate that she was basically trapped with for the foreseeable future. . . . she could almost feel the potential awkwardness hanging in the air.

Now it was Steve’s turn to blush, a reaction that immediately set Lily at ease, and caused more than a little warmth to build between her legs.

“What . . . do you mean?” Steve choked out, his hand reaching for the wine glass to soothe his suddenly dry throat.

Lily broke eye contact to glance eskort bayan bursa purposefully at the crotch of Steve’s jeans, which suddenly seemed to have shrunk a bit.

“I mean, I bet I can make you cum without ever touching your penis,” Lily said bluntly. “Do you want to take me up on that challenge?”

Steve was way past the point of respecting the roommate dynamic, and only too happy to agree.


With only a slight bit of hesitancy, Steve removed his clothes until he was fully nude and standing before a fully clothed Lily in the middle of the living room. Yet, despite the slight burn of embarrassment from the newness of this encounter, Steve’s cock pointed straight at Lily, already engorged from the thought of what was about to happen.

“One more thing,” Lily mused, searching the room with her eyes. She rose from the couch and grabbed a black cloth face covering from the dining table, the same one she used whenever she left the house. She approached Steve quickly before positioning the mask over his eyes and slipping the elastic loops over his ears. The mask fit across Steve’s eyes snugly yet comfortably, and ensured that he couldn’t see a thing.

As she moved her hands from his head, Lily leaned in and gave Steve a quick peck on the cheek, causing a slight shiver to run through him. “Ready?” she asked?

Steve could only nod, his member now at full hardness.

Lily took Steve’s hand and led him to an oversized chair, where she guided him into a sitting position. And then, just as quickly, Lily was gone, and Steve’s body registered her absence immediately. He strained his ears to listen for her movements, but whatever she was doing she was doing in almost total silence. At that moment, Steve felt as though his whole world was the chair, the pitch-black void he was staring into and, of course, his rock-hard cock.

It must have been at least a few minutes that passed, but Steve would have been powerless to guess how many. But just when he thought that Lily might have been playing a trick on him, he felt her naked body slide down his back as she settled in behind him on the overstuffed chair.

Lily’s legs were spread wide, going around Steve’s back and nestling alongside his thighs. Steve could feel Lily pressed warmly against him, her breasts pressing into his upper back and her groin pressing snugly against the upper part of his ass. Lily grabbed Steve’s arms and pulled them softly behind him, before guiding his hands around and underneath her thighs.

“Just to make sure you don’t get too worked up and try to touch yourself,” she teased.

With that, Lily let her hands snake to the front of Steve’s chest, pulling him tightly against her. She let her head drop to his shoulder, hair falling softly across his upper back. The position allowed her a perfect view of Steve’s now turgid penis, and left her lips directly against his ear.

“My, my, you weren’t altıparmak escort kidding, were you?” Lily asked rhetorically, watching Steve’s cock sway untouched in the air. “You’re so pent up after all this time that just feeling me against you makes you so ready to blow it, doesn’t it?”

Steve could hear Lily’s sultry voice in his ear, and could feel her breath falling in short, hot gasps on his neck between her words.

“Oh my god,” Steve choked out, “I’ve never felt like this.”

“Well we’ve got a long way to go,” Lily replied. “You know, if I knew that you needed this so badly, we could have done this a long time ago,” Lily continued with a teasing air.

“I know you find me attractive. If you had told me that you were so horny, do you know what I would have done?”

Steve couldn’t have responded if he wanted to. His mouth had gone bone dry.

“Well, I guess I’ll just tell you,” Lily continued. “I think the best way to deal with an over-excited dick is a really long, slow, slippery handjob.”

“That way, you can really draw out the pleasure and end up with a mind-blowing, satisfying orgasm.” Steve’s cock throbbed with pleasure.

“I like to sit between a man’s legs,” Lily continued, “and let my hand glide up and down—but not too fast. Just fast enough to build the pressure. I sometimes let my fingers twirl just under the head for a bit, until I see that first bit of precum start to leak out of the tip. Just like you’ve got!”

She was right. The head of Steve’s dick was taut and reddish, and on the very tip sat a bead of clear fluid. As Lily talked, it hung there for just a moment, before slowly beginning its descent down toward the base of Steve’s shaft. Soon, the first bead of precum was replaced by another.

Lily nipped sexily at Steve’s ear. “I keep going like that, until I can tell that he’s ready to burst. And then I stop.”

Nothing had touched Steve’s penis, but even Lily using the word “stop” had the effect of backing his arousal off just a bit. Lily understood this immediately, and sat silent, watching Steve’s member twitch uncontrollably.

“I would have done that for you, if I’d known you needed it so badly,” Lily teased. “We could have spent hours, bringing you right to the edge and backing off. And then, once you couldn’t take it any more, I would have made you cum harder than you ever have.”

“Unghh, oh god, please,” Steve rasped, his rigid cock visibly teetering on the precipice of orgasm.

“Not yet, baby,” Lily purred into his ear. “Not yet. You’re making this too easy for me.”

Lily let her head rest on Steve’s shoulder, and absentmindedly allowed her fingers to trace across his chest, plucking lightly at his nipples. She could feel how taut with pressure his muscles were, a sign of how deeply her teasing was arousing him, and she stayed silent for long enough to allow his near-orgasm to recede.

Steve, bursa türbanlı escort for his part, was doing everything in his power to keep his hands wrapped around Lily’s thighs, rather than letting them fly to his crotch to provide the relief he desperately needed. After what felt like hours of silence an light touches, Steve’s body began to relax, falling backwards slightly and almost melting into Lily’s.

“That’s not all I could have done for you, you know,” Lily said, picking up where she left off. “If you asked nicely, I would have let you feel how good I am with my mouth.”

Steve could hardly believe what was happening. Lily hadn’t touched his cock at all, but again he felt his body rocketing back to the edge of orgasm. He had long since lost any semblance of control over his penis. With each word Lily purred into his ear, it jumped and throbbed in the warm air of the living room. The head was now slick with precum as each contraction at the base of his desperate member pushed yet more fluid from him.

Lily was certainly not immune to the erotic effects of their intertwined bodies and Steve’s palpable arousal. Turning him on like she was had a similar effect on her. Her pussy was hot and slick with her juices, and the smell of sex wafted around them in the room. But she pushed her own arousal to the back of her mind. The time would come to deal with that.

Lily let her eyes linger on Steve’s tortured cock, and continued her play. “I’d start at your balls, and then slowly work your way up the shaft with my tongue. Very slowly. So slowly that you’d be begging me to put it in my mouth.

“But I wouldn’t. Not until you really needed it.”

Steve groaned in desperation, his balls pulled tight to the base of his cock.

“And then, just when you’d think I wasn’t going to do it, I’d let my lips slide over the head, and use my tongue to torment that spot at the base of the head—just slow enough so you don’t blow too quickly.”

Steve’s eyes were screwed shut, his breath coming in short gasps, interspersed with moans of pleasure and need.

“Please,” Steve gasped.

“Do you want to cum, baby?” Lily asked.

“Yes, yes, please, I need to cum,” Steve replied.

“Well, I guess you really do need it,” Lily taunted, “but it’s a shame you won’t get to hear what it would feel like to be inside me.”

That did it. Steve’s back arched against Lily, his cock spasming, untouched in the air. His throat let out an animal groan as his cum pulsed from deep inside his balls, landing on the living room floor beyond the edge of the chair. His orgasm seemed to continue for minutes as he writhed in pleasure in Lily’s arms. Finally, satisfied and emptied, Steve collapsed back against her.

“My god that was hot,” Lily said, suddenly again conscious of her own heightened arousal.

After a few minutes, Lily carefully pulled herself out from behind Steve, and removed his blindfold, letting him see her naked form for the first time. She tossed the mask back onto the dining room table, glancing sexily over her shoulder on her way to her bedroom.

“Maybe once you’ve recovered you can come show me something you’re good at,” Lily winked, leaving the door slightly open behind her.

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