80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 03

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Endowed 80 year old Neighbor and newlywed bride Part 3

As we walked to the bar holding hands I looked in the mirror and groaned in disbelief from seeing his massive cock bounce angrily from knee to knee. As it thumped from side to side like a giant tree-trunk, my high heels clicked in a lustful rhythm that mixed almost sinfully with his thumping cock. I was going crazy at the sight of me and Mr. Stephens, the difference in our ages and the sinful way I was dressed and his huge cock added up to what I knew was going to be the most thrilling experience in my life.

Seeing me look in the mirror at the sight of his enormous cock, he said, ” That’s what you did to me Sara. Look how big I am for you.”

“Oh god, you are amazing,” I groaned as we stopped and kissd hard.

Popping a cork on a very expensive bottle of champaign he made a toast.

“Here’s to the sexiest young girl that I instantly knew I had to have… At any cost… even if it meant sending her husband out of the country,” he said then clicked our glass as we learned in and kissed each other hotly.

“Oh god, I’m so glad you got rid of him,” I groaned, surprised that I was talking about my husband like that, and then met his tongue for a sexy kiss, flicking mine across his wildly as the excitement of being with him cursed through my body.

As we kissed my instincts took over and I put my open palm on his massive cock. My hand could not even go around half his massive girth and when I tried to lift it I could not believe how frighteningly heavy it felt.

“So heavy too,” I groaned as I began stroking the entire length of it. Scooping it up with my palm in order to hold it, I began stroking the underside of his giant cock, as it jutted way-out past the side of my stocking covered leg.

His cock was so huge I couldn’t even see my long manicured finger nails off the sides his cock, because it was so wide. Seeing it in the mirror was the staggering sight ever. My hand took on the shape and size of a small dolls hand in comparison to his monstrous size. Putting my glass down on the bar I said hotly,

” Oh God Jack, let me take the edge off this great, big cock,” I groaned then added, ” I saw you cum, harder than ever, and went wild watching it, as I pictured you cuming for me. Now I want this huge cock to cum for me just like you came for those two girls on your deck,” I groaned in a throaty voice.

“Let me take the edge off this great, big fucking cock baby. I wanna pump and suck you off so bad,” I said hotly as I instantly squatted on my pumps and proceeded to lick every inch of his tremendous cock. “I want to stroke it so bad,” I said as I squatted down in front of him.

As I squatted down I felt the backs of my feet come out of my pumps just like the two teens I watched. Just knowing that the backs of my feet were out of my high heels made me feel so naughty. Suddenly the only thing in the world that mattered to me was pleasing Mr. Stephens; pleasing his massive cock. I felt possessed, just as crazed as all the other teens like Doreen that had the privilege to fuck his enormous cock.

As my toes pushed down into the front of my high heel pumps and the backs of my feet came out I noticed him looking in the mirror with his eyes fixed on my high heels and the backs of my feet, as he took in my wanton and depraved look.

“Very sexy Sara. Now enjoy that big cock. Enjoy it in the way you’ve enjoyed your husbands grandfather William’s big cock,” he said as I groaned thinking about William for a second.

“Is this the way you like it baby,” I groaned hoping I was pleasing him.

“You’re perfect Sara. Your instincts are incredible,” he said as he watched my tongue flick across his huge shaft as my outstretched hands pumped his giant cock with utter devotion.

So much to do with this monster cock and so many ways to please it, I thought to myself as I went wild feeling its enormous power in my hands.

As he looked at me in the mirror watching my every move, and seeing my heals lifted out of my pumps he groaned in low, deep voice. Mr. Stephens was a man that knew and got what he wanted, and dressing sexy for him was a prerequisite to fucking him. My high heels never left my feet throughout me blowing him and fucking him, the entire night.

His cock was so enormous and heavy that it had to rest against his knee for support. It was way too big to stick straight out like my husband or any other guy I fucked, except Brad’s father grandfather and my brother who had real big heavy cocks too, but not like Mr. Stephens monster. In fact Mr. Stephens was almost twice as big as them, and I estimated and much heavier.

I put my palm at the base and hefted it to my mouth. It was so sexy to have to control over such a massive cock. I started by just kissing the huge cockhead and licking it wildly, flicking my tongue across the giant crown as I looked at him slyly.

“So big…Huge,” I groaned as I looked up at his penetrating eyes.

I bursa escort then ran my tongue across one side, feeling sparks in my pussy from the powerful veins that crisscrossed like a giant spider web and ran along the length of his shaft, than to the tip and back down the other side. At times I would stab his huge cock with my tongue which made it thump off his knee and bounce to the other side.

Mr. Stephens huge cock was like a giant magnet, drawing my tongue to it, and sending sparks into my pussy every time I flicked away at it. I would lick and kiss all over his massive shaft for a few minutes then make eye contact with him and grin slyly as I flicked my tongue across his huge cockhead.

Every time I grinned my braces would shine and he would groan deeply. Sometimes I would flick my tongue across his huge cockhead and grin and say, “So big,” then go back to licking up the length of his huge shaft. I was so certain that this is what every one of the girls I saw going into his house did once they had his enormous cock out of his pants.

I even remember seeing Doreen and Tracy do the exact same thing when they were playing with his monster cock. This came from the total shock of him having such a huge cock. It was the one time where you could really excite him. That time where he could watch you please him as you took in his disbelieving size.

He groaned which sent a signal that he liked the way I was playing with his great, big cock.

“Very nice baby,” he moaned looking at me while I basked in the sexy play with his huge cock.

When I brought it to my mouth I realized that I would never get more than half of the huge, grapefruit shaped cockhead inside, so I knew my hands and tongue were what was going to please it. Mr. Stephens cock was so huge it was impossible to suck like my husbands or other guys I fucked. What his huge cock needed was to be played with and worshiped, and I was more than eager to do both.

“Spit on it baby,” he commanded as I looked up and grinned slyly.

“Umm, you know just what you like,” I said, looking up at him slyly. “With this huge cock, anything you want baby,” I said in a voice I didn’t recognize, talking in a dialog that I never used because of being so astonished by his staggering cock.

I was so turned on by Mr. Stephens confidence; I instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his huge crown then began pumping it through my palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls. His huge, hanging balls, the size of grapefruits, seemed perfectly matched for his giant cock and something inside me told me he could store up and shoot a real big load of cum.

“That’s perfect Sara. Just how I like it Sexy,” he said which made me real happy and real hot.

There was something about the way he said my name that turned me on and almost made me cum. It made me feel so sexy. Calling me by my name made me feel more like one of his countless scores of 18 year old fucks, and that drove me wild.

Mesmerized by the size of his cock, and his huge, hanging balls, I lifted it against his tight stomach and pressed it in place with my palm. His cock was so heavy and so huge that it went a good 10 inches above his navel. It was such a powerful and staggering sight that it made me so eager to please him.

I began licking all over his huge balls. They were huge, each the size of grapefruits that seemed perfectly matched to his enormous cock, as his sack hung down almost 10 inches. His huge ball sack added to making his cock look terrifying. The only other pair of balls I saw that were huge were my brothers. I remember the hot day we played with each other how amazed I was at how huge his were and they hung way down.

I went wild, licking his hanging sack with my tongue and lifting each of his huge balls with my tongue. When I looked up I was happy to see him looking at me with lust in his eyes. I grinned at him slyly, showing him my naughty, silver braces.

“That’s real nice Sara. Suck my balls just like that baby,” he said as I took one in my mouth and pulled on his ball sack, stretching it out almost a foot. “Oh fuck….so naughty Sara,” he groaned in a deep resonant voice, as I grinned at him slyly.

“Ummm. the biggest pair of balls…Loaded with hot cum for me I hope,” I said in my throaty voice, so surprised that I was talking this way, as I went back to licking all over his towering shaft as I held it in my palm.

“Lots of cum for you Sara. Lots of cum,” he snarled as I let go of his huge cock, as it bounced to his knee and continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it.

“What’s it like to have a different mouth and pussy on this great, big cock every night,” I said in a serious voice as I looked up at him slyly than ran the tip of my tongue over his huge crown than down the left side and back up and over the right side.

He didn’t respond, but groaned as he watched me tease his huge cock with my tongue. bursa escort bayan After I bathed his huge cock in my hot saliva I mischievously flicked the tip of my tongue, over the crown of his big cockhead, like a snake. It was so sexy sending my tongue out to swirl around his huge cockhead as he watched me intently. I would just swirl my tongue around his huge crown as I looked into his deep-set, dark eyes. I felt so empowered and even grinned slyly at him.

At one point I just ran my tongue up and down his immense shaft without using my hands. I wanted him to see me thrill his huge cock with just my tongue. It was so hot licking my way up the sides and the top of his fat cock as it extended out and curved down from his tight body over a foot away.

“So naughty Sara,” he groaned he watched me run my tongue up his huge shaft without using my hands then swirled my tongue around his fat, mushroom shaped crown.

At times I would just control his massive shaft with my hand at the base and twist it so that it flew like a flag-pole in front of my face. I just could not believe his immense, staggering size.

“Umm, I like a real naughty girl Sara” he said as I kept flicking my tongue against his cockhead, then kissed it as I looked into his piercing eyes with the slyest of grins.

“Oh trust me, I am real naughty baby, and with this great, big cock, I’m going to be naughtier than ever,” I said teasingly, looking up at him with a sly grin that caused him to grin back.

I then spit on his huge shaft again and took the flow of pre-cum in my palm and messaged it into his thick, veined shaft, mixing it with my hot saliva. Abruptly, he took his huge shaft in his hand and started rubbing it against my throbbing nipples.

I was delirious from the friction his massive shaft caused as it ran over my nipples, crushing the rock hard tips, bending them almost flat to my chest. I was going wild from the sensation of his big, maze of veins that ran off the sides of his giant cock.

“Oh fuck, that’s so fucking hot,” I moaned out loud, feeling my big, sensitive nipples go crazy from the incredible sensation of being rubbed by his huge cock.

As his huge veins traveled over my nipples I felt my pussy reach the boiling point and knew his huge cock was going to make me cum, and he knew it too.

“Fuck that’s gonna make me cum baby. Oh Fuuuuck,” I groaned feeling my pussy boil over.

“Cum baby,” he snarled. “Let those tiny, rock hard nipples cum Sara,” he said in a commanding voice.

That did it. For the next minute I came like a faucet all over his huge shaft as he continued to rub it against my aching nipples. Pulling me up to him I was still cumming.

We kissed hard for 10 minutes as the tips of our tongues whisked over each other in a hot frenzy. Taking our glasses of champaign he lead me to the large sofa in the bar area. My heart was racing as I looked at his staggering cock as it bounced angrily from knee to knee.

My high heels were clicking slowly as if they were sending a message that a naughty, almost devilish fuck between an 80 year old man and a 20 year old girl was about to start. What made it really naughty was that I was dressed so sinful in a pair of nude stockings and black pumps. My look totally added to the excitement in our age differences.

He sat back on the sofa and I nearly passed out when his huge cock thumped on his tight chest going up to his pectoral muscles then bounced back and went across his thigh and hung off the sides more than 10 inches, his huge cockhead touching the sofa .

“Oh god, you know I fucked Brad’s grandfather, but you absolutely have the biggest cock,” I mumbled to him repeatedly as I put my right knee on the sofa while my left high heel pump was on the tile.

Lifting it off his thigh with both hands, I felt it throbbing in a way that separated my palms with each angry breath it seemed to take. As I pumped my outstretched hands up and down his 13 inch shaft, my mind still could not comprehend his freakish size.

“Such a huge cock,” I groaned over and over as I sent my tongue out to lick up and down his shaft, as I teasingly flicked my tongue across it.

“Oh Sara, you’re so sexy,” he said in a heated voice as he watched me in the mirrors as I flicked my tongue quickly across his huge shaft then pumped my hands up and down, while twisting my palms in an effort to massage every inch of his huge cock.

“Oh god if I didn’t want to fuck you so bad I could suck this huge cock all night,” I said in a heated voice as I listened to him groan excitedly while telling me I looked so sexy which caused me to look up at him slyly and flick the tip of my tongue across his grapefruit, sized cock head.

I played with his giant cock without any concern for time, consumed by his shocking size, and my desperation to please him and bring him off. His moans of pleasure telling me how sexy I was filled the air and added a sexy background while I played with his monstrous escort bursa cock. I was consumed with lust as my body was on fire from pumping, kissing and sucking his giant cock.

As I licked his massive shaft I felt his hands roam up the backs of my stockings and go over my ass. I was groaning like crazy from the touch of his skilled hands. At times he would run his fingers between my pussy and even reach over and spread my ass cheeks to look at my open cunt in the mirror.

“So nice baby. Great head and a beautiful pussy and ass,” he groaned as he watched me play with his huge cock.

Kissing his immense shaft from the base to the huge cockhead, I said hotly, looking into his burning eyes,

“I just want to worship this great big cock. “I just want to stay here all night and worship your great, big cock. A cock this huge needs to be worshiped,” I groaned as I looked at him slyly.

He sipped his champaign as he watched her pump him up and down, twisting and reversing her palms in an effort to please every inch of his huge shaft. He looked in the mirror and took in the sexy sight of her nude stockings and her black pumps. Her pale, milky skin, making her look so sinful in the way she was dressed. Without a doubt his 20 year old newlywed neighbor was “pure” sex, he thought to himself as he sipped his champaign and watched her lick and pump his huge cock with more passion and worship than any teen he had ever fucked.

He had fucked hundreds of teens, but this one was absolutely ‘Pure Sex,’ he thought to himself as he watched her with rapt attention. He could see the high arch in her left foot that was planted on the tile floor while she pumped him. The arch in her foot made the effect of her pumping him even sexier. After a few minutes his breathing got deeper and his moaning heavier.

“Very nice baby,” he groaned in a deep voice as his huge balls began to slide-up into his massive shaft, as a precursor to the staggering thing that was about to happen.

His giant shaft began to expand so wide that I thought it was going to fall out of my hand. I knew he was going to cum, and was going wild in anticipation of watching it explode. I was also wondering if I should stop him and go to his room and fuck. Although he was in great shape, he was 80 years old, and I wasn’t sure if he’d recover after cumming as hard as I saw him, and all I knew was that I wanted my pussy wrapped around that great, big cock in the worst way.

Sensing what I was thinking he said in a confident tone, “Don’t worry Sara. I plan on fucking you all night, and right into the morning,” he said in a deep commanding voice that reeked of confidence.

I looked up at him slyly and grinned at the thought of him fucking me all night. Something inside me told me he was absolutely serious, and I was about to find out that he could have easily fucked me for days without tiring or losing interest.

“Oh god, I can’t wait baby. I can’t wait to have this huge cock inside me,” I said hotly as I kept pumping his massive shaft with both hands, spitting on it to keep it lubricated.

As the hour passed with me worshiping his giant cock by kissing, licking and pumping it he began moaning like crazy, and his cock was throbbing uncontrollably.

Suddenly out of his open slit a clear liquid began pouring out and ran down his massive shaft through my palms. It was what I saw when he fucked the two teens. I, like the girls thought it was cum, but realized when he started bursting long, white ropes that it was his pre-cum.

“Oh God that feels so hot baby,” I groaned as the clear liquid felt like it was 100 degrees.

“Fuck this pre-cum is more than most guys cum,” I groaned thinking back to how I saw this when he fucked Doreen and Tracy on his deck and how shocked they were when they saw his pre-cum flow from his massive shaft like an open faucet.

I went wild pumping my hands up and down excitedly through the clear liquid that became an instant lubricant and made load squishing sounds that added to the excitement. It was amazing and continued to flow out of his huge cockhead for more than a minute. Finally his cock began to really throb and expand even wider than it already was. It was all I could do to hold it in my outstretched palms.

“Fuck, I need four more hands to handle this huge assed cock,” I said in a voice I did not recognize.

Sensing he was just about to cum I pumped his rock, hard shaft fiercely in long strokes going from the fat base up to his wide crown.

“That’s it baby. Let that great, big cock explode. I know you want to cum for me, and I know you can’t wait to fuck me,” I chanted hotly.

It was so hot knowing I was bringing off the distinguished 80 year old, who had hundreds of teens lining up to fuck him. The control I had over such a huge cock was so hot that I felt my own pussy begin to spasm.

“Gonna cum baby,” he snarled.

“Oh god,I wanna watch it. Cum for me baby. I wanna see that huge cock explode,” I groaned, and grabbed his cock and pumped fiercely and for the next two minutes four foot long ropes of hot, white liquid flew out of his great big cockhead, over his shoulder and the back of the sofa, hitting the wall ten feet away.

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