The Uni Tales – Jen and Emma Pt. 01

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Big Tits

I felt the last of the warm water running down my body after cutting the the shower off. The house party the night before had been wild and never had it felt so good to have a steaming hot shower to help me feel less like a hungover zombie. I stepped out of the cubicle and wrapped my shoulder length chestnut hair up in a towel knot and proceeded to dry myself. Starting at my small size 4 feet I slowly wrapped a towel around my freshly shaven smooth pale legs. Bringing it gradually higher I massaged my thick thighs before bringing it between my legs leading me to let out a little moan. I’d spent a little longer than normal in the shower that morning and was still very sensitive after treating myself to some much needed self care. After drying my slender waist I wrapped the towel around my chest and tied a knot where the two ends met in-front of my bouncy little tits.

It was about a minute after I’d got back to my dorm room and had begun to brush my hair whilst staring at my well pampered naked body after letting my towel drop to the floor that I suddenly realised I’d made a huge mistake. I let go of my hairbrush which fell to the floor and grabbed my damp towel. I’d ran out of my room as fast as I could possibly go that I was still trying to wrap the towel around my butt naked body, thankfully the corridor was deserted and nobody saw me. I flew around the corner with speed but had been seconds too late, my housemate Emma was walking inside the bathroom.

“Wait a minute I’ve forgotten my toothbrush.” I shouted just in time for her to hear me down the hallway.

“Sorry Jen I’m bursting I’ll be quick.” She replied.

I waited outside pacing around in frustration praying that she wouldn’t notice. It was only two minutes before the door creaked open but it felt like an eternity. I walked inside and saw Emma washing her hands over by the sink who’d began making conversation with me but I was to distracted by the fact the item I hoped she wouldn’t notice had gone.

“You looked like you were having fun night last night girl,” she said.

“Yes it was wild wasn’t it! I didn’t see much of you later on but there was so many who turned up it wasn’t any wander I guess.” I told her. I was almost certain if left it around the shower but began scanning the room second guessing myself.

“You mean so many hotties turned up more like, well you didn’t see much of me because well let’s just say I went back to my dorm slightly earlier than usual and not on my own.” She laughed. “Hey Jen are you even listening to me?” She asked in an annoyed tone.

“Erm yeah sorry Emma I could have sworn I’d left my toothbrush around here somewhere.” I lied to her.

“Oh and there’s me thinking you were worried that I’d found this.” She said with a smirk on her face.

Her arm emerged from behind her back with her hand gripping my suction cupped black realistic dildo! My stomach sunk and I could feel my face turning blood red in embarrassment.

“Well I guess you weren’t as lucky as me last night. You naughty girl, do you really manage to fit that inside?” She asked.

“Oh my god I’m so embarrassed! Please don’t tell anybody about this.” I said stepping forwards to take my dildo from her but when I reached for it she’d pulled it away from me.

“Oh but this is the hottest gossip all week ever since we walked in on Paige blowing Carly’s so called boyfriend at the party last week. I’m sure the guys will be thrilled to find out that you’ve been fucking a black dildo against the wall where we all showed.” escorts in london She taunted.

“Please Emma don’t tell them,” I pleaded with her.

She walked over to the door and turned the lock before walking back towards me. “Well I guess you could earn my silence since my company abandoned me before I awoke, how about you take another shower I think you missed a spot?” She said whilst unknotting my towel which fell to the floor allowing her to take a long look at my naked body.

“I, erm, but…” I didn’t know how to reply and before I knew it she’d led me over to the shower cubicle and locked the glass folding door after following me inside. She gently pushed my head backwards pinning me to the wall as a waterfall of warm water began to fall down upon us. She picked up a sponge and began rubbing a rose scented liquid over my tits making them all soapy and shiny before massaging her own. I’d never seen another girl naked before let alone been in such an intimate situation like I was currently in, sure I’d watched my fair share of lesbian porn what girl hadn’t at that age? I was certainly not a lesbian, no I loved cock as much as the next girl but I was definitely at the early stages of learning I was bisexual because I couldn’t stop watching her squeeze her soapy tits.

Emma was no doubt one of the hottest girls at uni and she was the type of girl who knew it. She was exactly how you’d imagine a cheerleader like her to look. Her wafer thin body was barley five feet tall, her smooth skin professionally tanned to perfection, and her long back length dirty blonde hair made he look like a barbie doll. I’d be lying if I said I’d never noticed how hot she’d looked after returning from cheerleading practice in her skintight costume or the ridiculously skimpy skirts she liked to wear to party’s. But at this very moment she wasn’t wearing a single thing other than a look of smugness on her face.

She leant forwards and began to kiss me, my pussy tingled in excitement when her tongue slipped inside and started dancing with my own. She gently bit my lip, pulling it down with her as she moved her attention to my tits. I winced when she bit my nipples between circling them with her tongue.

“Oh yes look down there, you’ve definitely missed a spot,” she said keeping her eyes locked on my own as she lowered herself down onto her knees. She grabbed my right ankle and raised it to rest on her adjacent shoulder. Her hand then passed through my thighs and hooked her hand right in between my asscheeks which she used to pull my pussy against her mouth. “Mmpffff,” she moaned out.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed. This was possibly the hottest scenario I’d ever found myself in at the at point of my uni life and I couldn’t have felt more alive. Having my pussy licked by another girl was insane, she knew exactly where and how much to lick to get me to orgasm. I closed my eyes and held my head up towards the shower head in order to try and cool myself down but the more she licked and began to finger my hole the more I felt myself edging closer to my breaking point. I was broken out of my trance when she’d stood back up and spun my body around. The cubicle was full of steam now and she pressed me hard against the wall, gripping my hair in her hand she used it to press my right cheek firmly against the tiles.

“Let’s see if you really can take the whole lengths shall we?” She whispered into my ear. I felt what I knew must have been the gelled tip of my dildo at the entrance of my hole and moaned Escort in dubai out in pleasure as she slowly edged it upwards until it’s entirety was embedded inside of me. I could feel the veiny tip deep inside of my pussy and brushing past my g-spot when she manoeuvred it back and forth. “Holy shit your really can take it all! I’d barley manage three quarters of that in mine.” She said.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum, I can’t hold it much longer!” I said suddenly losing grip in my legs which slowly started to tremble. Now she really began enjoying herself fuck me with my own dildo. She pulled the whole length backwards and drove it deep back inside so fast and so much harder than I’d ever been able to mange myself. “Fuckkkk don’t stop!” I shouted as I began to cum.

“That’s it take that huge black cock like a good slut! Can you feel it stretching you out? I bet you’d love a real one up there wouldn’t you?” She spoke into my ear whilst tugging back on my hair.

I couldn’t believe the waves of pleasure flowing through my body. Usually I’d have lost function of my wrists to carry on but as I came she’d continued slamming the dildo into my sloppy hole so hard that my legs shook like never before. She dropped the dildo and began rubbing her fingers over my gaping pussy and clit vigorously. “YESSSSSS!” I screamed. That was all that was needed to make my pussy begin to squirt my juices all over, I hoped she’d assume it was the water but she knew exactly what she’d made me do.

“Squirt for me you naughty girl! You having another girl use you like this don’t you?”

“Yes!” I told her panting heavily.

“You love taking big cocks up that gaping pussy don’t you? Do you wish there was one here right now to fuck you all over again?”

“YES!” I replied. I couldn’t believe I was exposing myself to her like this but I couldn’t get enough of her dirty talk whilst she still slowly massaged my pussy lips gently.

“Mmm me too, I’m so fucking wet now that I’d love a big cock to fill me up. It’s your turn to help clean my body now girl.” She smiled and turned me around to kiss me again. “Lye down!” She commanded.

The cubicle was nowhere near large enough for me to extended my whole body fully but that didn’t stop me from trying. I managed to lye flat on my back submerging into the shallow water but had to keep my legs bent. I lay looking up at Emma’s naked ass which was slowly inching its way down to my face, I licked my lips in anticipation. I’d never licked another girls pussy before and although I knew what my own tasted like I was excited to see what hers tasted like in comparison. Finally her butt-cheeks squashed my face and my mouth disappeared up her crack until her juice ridden pussy clamped around my lips.

“Oh yes that’s it girl you know what to do,” she said. She wasn’t wrong, it might have been my first time licking pussy but I knew what us girls liked and set out straight to working my tongue around her clit for starters. God she’d tasted so good, her juices that flowed to my tastebuds were so sweet and addictive. After a minute she’d took ahold of my ankles and after spreading them wide apart had pulled them as far back as they’d go so that my pussy was practically staring up at her. She leant forwards and began to kiss and lightly bite my thighs, as she did this her pussy pulled away from my face and I got to see her two holes at close range for the first time. Her butterfly shaped labia was pretty pink and opened up in the middle to fully expose the entrance of her Dubai Escorts hole that by the look of it wasn’t a stranger to a cock or two. Just a few inches above her leaking pussy was her tiny puckered asshole that she kept neatly shaven just like the rest of her crotch.

Now that I had a little extra room around my fave I was able to spread her asscheeks whilst using them for leverage as I began to slide my tongue along the entirety of her pussy lips. The faster I licked the louder her moans were becoming and I could feel her mouth clamping down on my inner thigh whenever I attacked her clit for a few seconds at a time. After letting me recover her tongue had now slithered down my inner thighs and she teased the exterior of my lips without actually going all the way which drove me crazy.

“Oh yes! Don’t be leaving that out now!” She said reaching backwards and guiding my tongue up her pussy and over the top of her asshole. I couldn’t believe I was actually lay licking a girls asshole in a 69 position, I thought I must have been dreaming. I wasn’t dreaming however and my tongue was now taking long strokes from her clit all the way up to her asshole and I’d now started to dip my tongue into each of her holes as I passed them.

“Please stop teasing me!” I pleaded with her. Thankfully I didn’t need to ask twice and she began eating my pussy like a girl possessed, every now and then I could feel her tongue venturing on the outskirts of my asshole but she must have presumed I might not have liked that myself. Looking back I wished I’d have pressed the back of her head down with my foot, I was no anal virgin at that point and since I was squeaky clean there was no reason for her not to take a lick. Still I was having way to much fun now that she’d started to grind on my face.

“Oh fuck I’m so close Jen!” She exclaimed. She reached out for something and then sat on my face so hard that I struggled to get any air. She was moaning so loudly now as she rode my face with immense speed and I knew from those little whimpers that she would soon be ready to cum. “Are you ready to cum with me girl?” I just about heard say. Suddenly heard the water pressure increase with a turn of the shower head which she’d held against my pussy. I was still sensitive having already came once and that gushing water hitting my lips was so intense that it was a good job my mouth was gaged. Rubbing my clit with her other hand her legs had finally started to shake as she rode my face as fast as she could whilst she came. “Yesssss I’m cumming! Aghhhh! Cum with me you slut!” She yelled out.

I too had now lost all control. We were each cumming simultaneously, the moaning was harmonious in every way. Her juices flooded my mouth and I couldn’t stop lapping them up long after her orgasm had ended. I can’t remember just how long we both remained in that position eating each other’s cunts but I knew I never wanted it to end.

We both dried off afterwards and Emma slid back into her pink silk pyjamas and I’d wrapped my towel around my chest. “I’ve left your dildo over there under that towel, and don’t worry I won’t tell a soul about finding it in here. I don’t know about you but I think we should hang out together some more. See you later Jen.” She said leaving me alone.

I stared at the door after she’d left still processing the events that had just transpired. Eventually I walked over and picked the towel up off the side to reveal my black dildo with a black cotton thong wrapped around its length! I untangled Emma’s thong and straight away saw fresh gooey white stains on the crotch of them. I held them against my nose and began sucking the juices that I was hooked on tasting. I knew then that me and Emma were going to become very close friends indeed.

The end.

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