Sorority MILFs Day 03

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Summary: Pledges engage in an all-out Hunger Games sex fight with toys.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Afsar.

Note 2: This is part three…

In part one, a sorority of longstanding great prestige (if only secretly, since its many wildly successful alumni tend not to reveal their affiliation), continues its annual tradition of inviting four MILFs to accept full ride scholarships, and to undergo Pledge Week (which lasts five days). The story focuses on two mothers of current sorority members who happen to be longstanding best friends, and their sorely needed sexual awakenings. Day One of their pledging includes their first time eating pussy, first time getting ass fucked, first time worshipping nylon-clad feet, and their first time riding Sybians. The two previously straitlaced friends finally share a 69 (each lightheartedly pretending the other is talking them into it) in their shared bedroom in the sorority house. (Yes it’s a wild story, and if you haven’t read it, you really owe it to yourself to do so!)

In part two, the pledges are required to suck five cocks to completion at gloryholes, with the last three to finish punished with a bukkake followed by a cum walk. Both Mary and Zarima are among the bottom three (although Mary only because she spent too much time fucking a huge black cock she simply couldn’t resist).

In part two, the pledges have to suck five cocks at a gloryhole, the last three being punished by a bukkake and a cum walk. Both Mary and Zamira end up bottom three (although Mary because she ended up fucking a huge black cock she just couldn’t resist.

Now Day 3….

Sorority MILF’s Day 3

Early the next morning, Afaf and Amy snuck into their mothers’ shared room in the sorority house, each of them naked except for their ubiquitous stockings: Afaf’s were black and Amy’s white, since Afaf was a Senior and Amy a Junior.

“I can’t believe they’re making us do this,” Afaf whispered.

“No worries, it’ll be fun,” Amy reassured her, always up for any kinky challenge Josie or any of the other Seniors in the sorority came up with for her. After two days of watching both of their mothers performing some very kinky acts, this one seemed quite tame.

“My Mom is going to freak out,” Afaf worried.

“Yes, but not in the way you’re thinking. She’ll be screaming in ecstasy when I’m finished with her,” Amy assured her friend since childhood.

“Then I’d better do the same for your Mom,” Afaf said more confidently, as they crawled to each other’s Mom’s beds… both of the MILF pledges still sound asleep.

“Ten bucks to whichever of us gets the other’s Mom off first?” Amy challenged.

“Better yet, loser is the other’s pet for a week,” Afaf countered, confident in her proven ability to get a woman off quickly.

“You’re on, you sexy slut,” Amy said.

“Takes one to know one,” Afaf shot back. In spite of her natural timidity, her competitive side often got her in trouble, especially since she’d joined this wild sorority three years ago.

Amy winked and crawled onto the bed where Afaf’s mother Zarima was sleeping; Afaf crawled onto the other bed, where Amy’s mother Mary was sleeping… each of them beginning their tasks by very gently parting their assigned MILF’s legs without waking her.

Afaf slowly began licking Mrs. Watson’s pussy; Mary slowly licked Mrs. Rafi’s… both of them knowing you couldn’t just attack a sleeping woman’s pussy… which could lead to a rather extreme involuntarily response from a woman so abruptly and intimately startled out of her slumber.

No, you had to awaken the sleeping beauties slowly. With slow, gentle licks, almost undetectable at first. Gentle, gradual teasing. Supreme patience was the key, at least at first.

Mary was in the middle of a dream… it wasn’t a wild sex dream… no, it was a languid one. She was slowly licking a pussy… she didn’t know whose… but it was delicious, and she was savouring every single lick.

Zarima was in her own slumber, where she was experiencing a dream of floating on a cloud… drifting in a content state she’d never entered before… experiencing a state of sublime tranquility, one of supreme peace… a state where the universe was inhabiting her in a fashion she wasn’t accustomed to, but which was lovely.

Afaf slowly glided her tongue up and down Mary’s warm crevice… up and down… slow and methodical.

Amy too traced her friend’s Mom’s pussy lips… drifting her relaxed tongue ever so gently over the clit.

Mary moaned ever so softly.

Zarima moaned equally as softly.

Moans now being heard, the two sorority sisters responded by gradually increasing the intensity of their respective wake-up calls. Afaf swirled her tongue around her assigned hole, which was beginning to show moist signs of being stimulated. Amy wiggled her tongue between the other mother’s pussy lips.

Mary felt a warmth in her sweet dream. Was the licker escort london being licked? How wonderfully appropriate!

Zarima felt a lightness in her universal cloud. She gradually became aware carnality was a feature of her universe. How wonderfully appropriate!

Afaf’s tongue stirred up a slow tornado inside Mary’s awakening pussy.

Amy created slow waves for Zarima, as if they were ocean ones lapping at her shore.

“Oooooooh,” Mary moaned, beginning to wake up.

“Oh,” Zarima whimpered.

Afaf continued her circular tongue action, but she now concentrated her tongue into a shaft, also pumping slightly in and out, but delivering increased pressure and pleasure to her subject.

Amy leaned up and flicked her subject’s clit… knowing it would accelerate Zarima’s awakening.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Mary moaned, becoming conscious enough to realize this wasn’t a dream… but rather someone actual was between her legs licking her.

Zarima moaned too, and although she wasn’t quite as awake as her friend, she was beginning to feel a warmth coursing through her that was more physical than spiritual.

Mary opened her eyes a crack, and glanced over to see that someone appeared to be under Zarima’s sheets too. She smiled as she closed her eyes, and just allowed whoever was enjoying breakfast between her legs to dine away.

Zarima’s eyes fluttered, as she too began to wake up.

Afaf, knowing her sexy MILF was waking up, swirled her tongue increasingly up and down, now grazing the clit.

Mary’s orgasm was rising quickly, and she invited, “That’s it, whoever you are, eat my pussy.”

Afaf, now confident she was going to win, attacked the clit.

Amy sucked on Zarima’s clit, and the Muslim MILF sat straight up, suddenly very awake, spying the shape of Amy’s body under the covers and between her legs. “What the…?”

Mary looked across the room and said, “Just enjoy, Zarima; it’s the best way ever to be awakened.”

“But who is it?” Zarima asked.

“I have no idea, but I’m happy to say I’ve got one too,” Mary said, as she closed her eyes again and allowed her own orgasm to rise inside her. “But does it matter who our benefactors are? Just enjoy your gift.”

“Ooooooh,” Zarima moaned, as the mystery girl under her sheet attacked her clit suddenly and aggressively.

Afaf heard her mother’s load moan, so she doubled her own aggression, sucking Mary’s clit solidly between her lips, shaking her head back and forth.

“Oh yes, suck my clit,” Mary moaned, as she placed her hand on the back of the head of whoever was so delightfully waking her up.

“Yes, don’t stop,” Zarima demanded, now completely onboard with this experience, as her pleasure increased exponentially.

Each coed hungrily licked her friend’s mother with eager lust, each wanting to win the bet, but also completely enjoying herself.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Mary screamed, as whoever was under the sheets brought her to an intense morning orgasm.

Amy sighed as she continued licking Zarima, realizing she’d lost the bet, but she was still enjoying her morning breakfast treat, and she received her own full flood just a few seconds after her own mother had come.

“Yessssss,” Zarima screamed, as her own orgasm struck.

“And who is this delightful wake-upper under my sheet?” Mary asked, pulling the linen aside and looking into Afaf’s eyes. “Well, this is a pleasant surprise, you darling girl!”

“Hi, Mrs. Watson,” Afaf smiled from between the legs of the woman who’d been her next door neighbor and the mother of her best friend for most of her childhood.

“Afaf?” Zarima gasped, hearing her daughter’s voice, even while she was coming on another girl’s tongue.

“Hi, Mom,” Afaf responded, as Zarima lifted her own sheet and saw her best friend’s daughter licking up her flowing cum.

“Hi, Mrs. Rafi,” Amy greeted, “I hope you enjoyed your wake-up call.”

“Amy, did you just eat my best friend’s pussy?” Mary asked, hearing her daughter’s voice.

“Josie instructed us to welcome you to the sorority,” Afaf said.

“Then please thank her for me, and tell her I feel very welcome,” Mary said.

Zarima was speechless, as she looked at her daughter between Mary’s legs, and then at Amy between hers.

“Well, have a great day,” Amy said, kissing Zarima’s lower lips before getting out of her bed. “You’re in for a wild one.”

“Yes, Mom and Mary, today will make your first two days look tame,” Afaf added, licking up a little more of Mary’s cum before getting out of her bed.

The two daughters left, and Mary said, sitting up, “That was unexpected.”

“It was beyond awkward,” Zarima said, feeling so embarrassed.

“I didn’t feel that way. They’ve already watched us doing much worse,” Mary said, having already completely accepted her situation, and now feeling no shame at all about her daughter watching her engaged in sexual activities, or watching her daughter performing sexual acts… but she knew Zarima’s nature dubai escorts was far more restrained and demure.

“I know, but this was really different,” Zarima said.

“Really different would have been our waking up with our own daughters between our legs,” Mary pointed out.

“Gross,” Zarima gasped, having never even thought that might happen.

“I’m just saying,” Mary said, getting out of bed. “I’m starving.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t right now,” Zarima begged off, still rattled by what had just transpired.

“I mean for real food,” Mary said. “I don’t only want to eat pussy, you know.”

“I’m sorry,” Zarima said, not meaning to offend.

“No need. I do like to eat pussy, especially your pussy, so you could easily have been correct,” Mary smiled, as she also thought of eating the Sophomore Cassie, and hopefully she’d soon get permission to do Josie’s.

“You’re insatiable,” Zarima laughed, shaking her head as she too got out of bed.

Amy came back in and handed the two women today’s attire. White blouses, plaid skirts and pink thigh highs. And nothing else, not even shoes. “This is today’s pledge attire.”

“Sure makes those what-to-wear-today decisions a lot easier,” Mary smiled.

“Sure does,” Amy smiled, kissing her Mom on the cheek and leaving.

The two MILF pledges put on today’s kinky attire… the plaid skirts not even remotely covering the thigh high stockings.

“My husband would die if he saw me in this scandalous outfit,” Zarima said, looking in the mirror.

“Perhaps, but only out of horniness,” Mary said, Zarima looking amazingly delicious in the sexy schoolgirl outfit.

“I doubt it,” she said, although looking at herself in a mirror, she realized how sexy she looked.

“You look really sexy,” Mary said.

“I really do,” Zarima nodded, admiring herself.

“There you go,” Mary said, “I love seeing that confidence.”

“I wish I could be as carefree as you are,” Zarima said, noticing her own hard nipples and dark areola were clearly visible through the white button-down blouse.

“I think you’re making wonderful progress! You’ve already let go of most of your inhibitions, Zarima,” Mary said. “My advice is just to let go and let whatever happens happen.”

“I’m trying,” Zarima said, finding her constant rise and fall between the two polar opposites of extreme pleasure and extreme guilt was mentally and physically exhausting her.

“I know you are,” Mary said, coming over and gently kissing her lips.

Zarima always melted whenever Mary touched her. Her kisses always felt so intimate, when kissing had always been something she’d hated doing with her bearded husband… like rubbing sandpaper against her soft and sensitive face…but kissing Mary was like kissing soft satin pillows.

“Let’s go down and have breakfast,” Mary said, taking her friend’s hand and leading her out of their room and to the cafeteria.

They had breakfast, which as always was hearty and delicious, and headed out to their classes. Other than the usual stares and glares from a decreasing number of prudish other students, and a couple gusts of wind that flashed both women’s uncovered pussies to the world at large, the day was uneventful for Zarima.

Mary simply allowed the wind to do its thing… actually enjoying the breeze on her pussy and people’s sudden glances. Then later on as a class ended, Professor Lane strolled over to Mary, who was writing down a couple of final notes, and asked, “How did you enjoy last night?”

“Glorious,” Mary smiled, enjoying her witty response, recalling the glory hole and the cocks she’d sucked and fucked.

“I thought so too,” Professor Lane smiled,” catching the pretty woman’s witty answer.

“Yeah, every night seems to be dedicated to checking off improbable bucket list items,” Mary said.

“I agree,” the Professor said, finding something particularly intriguing about this spirited woman… something drawing her to her.

“Do you still have any bucket list items you’d like checked off?” Mary asked, standing up and speaking in a flirtatious tone that wasn’t remotely subtle.

“A few,” Professor Lane admitted.

“Like?” Mary asked, recalling the delicious taste of the Professor’s pussy from that first pledge night.

“No, not here. But why don’t we go to my office and chat a bit?” the Professor suggested.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Mary said, admiring her Professor’s pretty smile, her blue eyes, and long legs encased in shiny mocha-coloured nylons.

Three minutes later, they were in the Professor’s office, which to Mary’s surprise was tiny: containing only a bookshelf, a smallish desk, a nice swivel chair for the Professor, and two less comfortable-looking chairs for students and other guests.

The Professor closed the door and locked it. She’d had many women in this office over the years, and certainly many of them came to discuss her class or their papers… but many others came to eat her pussy, and on some Escort Dubai occasions for her to eat theirs.

The Professor, instead of going around her desk and sitting down in her chair, sat on top of her desk.

Mary said, coming close to her Professor, “I’m really enjoying your class so far.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Professor Lane said as she stood up, wrapped her arms around her older student, around her own age, and pulled her in for a kiss.

Mary melted at the Professor’s touch. The kiss began tenderly, but Mary’s entire body was instantly on fire. She loved sex, rough sex, oral sex, fucking… but she also loved kissing. This kiss became more intense as they both progressed beyond a relatively tentative start, to bringing their hands to each other’s asses and squeezing.



Professor Lane, after a few minutes of kissing plus, lifted her right knee up and pressed it directly against Mary’s very wet pussy.

“Ooooooooh,” Mary moaned into the Professor’s mouth, as the Professor slowly but forcefully rocked her knee back and forth.

“You’re so wet,” Professor Lane acknowledged.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Mary moaned.

Professor Lane said, “I’ve been looking forward to our getting together ever since you got me off the other night.”

“So have I,” Mary said.

The Professor dropped to her knees, flipped up Mary’s skirt, and said before she buried her face in Mary’s very wet pussy, “I’ve been looking forward to doing this, too.”

“Ooooooh, Professor,” Mary moaned, astonished to see the Professor licking her pussy, since she’d assumed she’d come here to lick hers… not that she was complaining!

“Such a delicious pussy,” Professor Lane said, hungrily licking Mary’s pussy.

“That feels so good,” Mary said, loving the action of the Professor’s tongue.

For a few minutes, the Professor licked Mary’s pussy… and soon Mary was close to coming, but in her awkward standing position, she just couldn’t get off. She said, “I’m so close, but I can’t come while I’m standing like this.”

The Professor stood up, lifted the pretty woman up, set her onto her desk, spread her legs and asked, “Is this better?”

“Yeeeees,” Mary moaned as the Professor dove back in. After just thirty seconds in this new position, her hands braced behind her on the desk for balance, she was about to erupt. She warned, “I’m going to come now!”

“Then come for me, sexy,” Professor Lane purred, as she attacked the clit for its final eruption.

“Yesssssss,” Mary screamed, but then hastily covered her mouth, not wishing them to get outed. She didn’t know, but she thought there might be regulations against professors and students getting it on, regardless of their respective ages.

The Professor hungrily lapped up the sweet fruits of her labour as it gushed out, going mostly down her throat, but also soaking her face.

“So good,” Mary said, as she enjoyed her second amazing orgasm of the day. As she did, she pondered how a single decision had changed her life so completely. A couple weeks ago she wasn’t having two orgasms in an entire month… not even by her own hand. But now she was not only having the best, wildest sex of her life, she was having orgasms at such a rapid pace she couldn’t keep count, and they were principally powerful ones, superseding anything she’d ever experienced during her marriage, or even back in her youth.

“Agreed,” Professor Lane agreed, Mary’s sweet taste dancing on her taste buds.

“May I return the favour, Professor Lane?” Mary asked, “please?” that being the reason she’d come so hopefully to this office in the first place.

“How can I resist such a sweet, heartfelt offer?” the Professor asked, standing up, leaning in, and kissing Mary again.

Mary kissed her back, loving the powerful intensity of these kisses, shared with an intimacy very different from her sorority tasks… and she enjoyed both extremes for different reasons. The sorority ones were wild, raw and taboo breaking… she loved being just a slut pleasing any cock or pussy available; but these current ones with Professor Lane, however she’d categorize them, were also raw, and she supposed taboo breaking too, but they focussed her attention on a single person, one she almost felt she was falling in love with, or perhaps it was only hero worship, and she couldn’t really describe what she felt, but in the heat of their mutual lust there was an intimacy there… an intimacy she’d yearned for back when she was married. And had that only been a week or so ago? Everything was so wonderfully different now!

“But please, except in class or when we’re around other students, you must begin calling me June,” Professor Lane said.

“June!” Mary exclaimed. “What a perfect name for you!”

“You’re so sweet, “June said.

“I know, I tasted myself on your lips,” Mary responded with a smile, as she hopped off the desk.

“You really are a witty one,” June laughed as the two swapped places. The Professor, now sitting on her desk, spread her legs, revealing her crotchless pantyhose.

“I didn’t even know such hosiery existed,” Mary said, admiring the tempting pussy, so perfectly framed in the mocha-coloured hosiery.

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